Monday, March 31, 2008

On the way up

There were times climbing Gangirwal where the only thing separating us from falling a few hundred feet to cracked ribs and broken legs were the roots and shoots around us. This picture of Bibi pulling her way up sums up the experience of day 4 of the climb...


mucky trousers,  11:32 am  

Ah-ah, dis one no be small-o!

Anonymous,  11:02 pm  

Intrepid and exciting. Did Bibi approve the webifying of this photo? Many women might not have...


Wordsbody 8:35 am  

This one na real 'omo wa'se o ri'se'.

I am really jealous I couldn't be part of this expedition, though I wonder whether I wouldn't have expired halfway up!

Wordsbody 9:00 am  

Anonymous No. 2,

Not to worry, Bibi no get big yansh. She doesn't have to worry and ask: "does my butt look big in this?"

Patrick Egwu,  1:51 pm  

If I'm correct, this expedition must have occurred within the confines of the Gashaka Gumti National Park...... Jeremy, I wonder if U guys saw any wildlife?

Waffarian 2:52 pm  

The terrain looks damn rough...if na me, na cry be dis.

Anonymous,  8:47 pm  


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