Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sierra Leone - a West African paradise

Sierra Leone is starting to get the tourist treatment - four flights a week from the UK with BMI, favourable write-ups in the Sunday papers. Maybe its time to go island hopping...


In my head and around me 12:56 pm  

This picture could easily have been taken on the Akodo Beach Resort in Lagos. Nigeria really does need to step up her game and become a major player in the quest for tourists.

Anonymous,  2:34 pm  


ferd,  5:25 pm  

I have this photo also.
It is the best spot in the country (unfortunately also just about the only good spot around Freetown)
Franco's serves great fish and keeps the beggars out.

Waffarian 10:29 pm  

@in my head: I am telling you. We have so much to offer!

Anonymous,  11:10 pm  

Liberia next???

Anonymous,  10:55 pm  

Please, it's hardly a paradise. I live there, and it's hard and full of poverty!

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