Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sesame Street Nigeria

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Iyaeto 3:25 pm  

This sounds interesting. Are we going to be seeing a Nigerian version of "Big Bird" and "The Cookie Thief"?

RJ 4:14 pm  

IS this for real?

Anonymous,  7:47 pm  


Anonymous,  10:14 pm  

Yee Gods, stop the imports already. What ever happened to Totoise's wonderful hut or shop, I forget.

Moni 11:28 pm  

Interesting concept. My kneejerk response (having grown up in naija watching the original US version) was to ask why... and is this serious?!

Upon further reflection, the idea of providing content that's (more) socially and culturally relevant on the local level is extremely powerful and goes a long way in reinforcing a sense of identity and preserving culture.

If this is on par with what I remember of the orignal versions from the late 70s and 80s, it would be brilliant.

This past christmas, I purchased the "Sesame Street Old School 1969-1974" collection for my nephew because of the joy/education/etc I got out of Sesame Street.


Anonymous,  3:23 am  

hasnt this been done in a number of other countries like russia. i dont see it as unusual

wienna,  4:02 pm  

Another dimension of 419.

Anonymous,  5:04 pm  

what happened to Aninal games with Uncle Wole aKINOSHO????????? Now thats a show generations of kids grew up on, kind of like telematch- now that i would gladly watch

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