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Dangote on Forbes

Here. Thanks Nkem for the link.


Anil,  11:34 am  

Despite this man's connection to government and blue blooded Dantata heritage, he has still done well for himself.

The BBC Website also featured him and he gave them an 8 minute interview ....

I work for IFC and I know that all this global publicity is in preparations for the big acquisitions of some cement companies that Dangote will be making in India and China this year. You heard it on Jeremy's naijablog first...

Ope,  12:39 pm  

I have just listened to the Dangote BBC Interview and he comes across as well spoken.... Wow! I have been so ignorant in believing Jimoh Ibrahim when he kept calling Dangote an illiterate. My impression is that Dangote is just one Hausa money miss road who could hardly speak English.

I do not agree with his views on OBJ and Yar'Adua in that interview but I can see the logic in some of the other points. I am just confused as Forbes says his networth is $3.3billion & BBC say his stake in Dangote Sugar and Dangote Flour alone is $4 million. Who is right ?

Anonymous,  2:50 pm  

Oh yes, this rogue finally has his wish and makes it to Forbes. Very soon the Chief Embezzler (Dangote's padi) Obasanjo will soon appear on the damn list.

And then IBB and all dem rest will join the list too.

If these are the sorts of people we hold up as role models for our kids, Nigeria is hopeless ...

Ex employee of Dangote Industries,  4:30 pm  

Dangote cant be compared to OBJ and IBB. We eat Dangote's pasta, We use the company's cement, sugar and drink its fruit juice etc etc. In other words, he is engaged in productive enterprises. The same cannot be said for OBJ or Babangida.

Unknown to many, the Dangote Group has had some of Nigeria's best managers working for it.

Akin Osuntokun was at some point their Corporate Affairs Manager, the present MD of Celtel (Bayo Ligali) was in charge of Dangote Pasta, Bernard Longe (Ex Md of First Bank) was at one point the COO of Dangote Group,Engineer Joseph Makoju is in charge of Obajana etc etc etc.

It is not a ONE MAN SHOW. This group has a formidable team and it is always a disservice to point to Dangote's closeness to govt as the only reason for their success. They parade a great mgt team just like Oando and they are also on the ball with their flotations on the Nigerian Stock Exchange...

Busola,  4:44 pm  

At least Dangote was honest with Forbes as they say his wealth was "inherited and growing". His is not a rags to riches to story as the Nigerian press portray.

His grandfather Sanusi Dantata lent him 500 000 naira in the 1970s to begin his business. That is like giving someone the equivalent of 100 million naira today to start.

Aliko had a headstart man... His grandfather was very rich. Even Time magazine featured him (Sanusi Dantata) in their 1960 edition as one of the richest Nigerians,9171,842145,00.html

I must give it to Aliko sha... he is a very humble man.

Anonymous,  8:11 pm  

does he have any sons??? i'm available oo.

Anonymous,  1:42 am  

ex employee of dangote industries - of course you'll be objective. :-)

Anyway, it would be foolish to suggest that a man can dine with the devil, eat with the devil, f*ck the devil, sh!t with the devil and not have a bit of the devil in him. Rolling in the hay with OBJ, IBB, etc taints the man and leaves a bitter taste in many-a-mouth.

A rogue is a rogue is a rogue, whether humble or not.

ababoypart2 10:22 am  

However Dangote made his 3.3 bil, and questions could be asked. He stands out in one area for me. His wealth is sustained.He isn't the typical Nigerian wealthy guy - the sorts that we hear is"doing well" - He hasn't been here today and gone tomorrow. He has sustained his wealth over a period of time.

Anonymous,  11:16 am  

A tribute to the spirit of enterprise. This man is too humble.

He was sat next to me on an economy class seat on a flight from Lagos to London in 2005 or so. When I realised who he was and struck up a conversation with him and asked him why he was not flying first class, he laughed and retorted that do the people who fly first class get to London before everyone else.

It was a memorable encounter and his humility left such an impression on me.I am pleased 4 him.

ama,  12:17 am  

Aliko is a friend, I dated him for a few years in the nineties. While he comes across as humble and nice, he has been married and divorced 4 times, and has a big problem relating with women in a " normal" manner. He has all the money in the world, but he is not a happy and satisfied man. He has three daughters.

Anonymous,  12:39 am  

It is indeed pleasing to know that a Nigerian who built his wealth on enterprise got to be the first billionaire and not some dictator rogue. That would have been really embarassing.

Chxta 8:48 am  

But Naija peeps una sabi beef sha...

bisola,  8:32 pm  

@anon 1.42am, just out of curiosity, why do you think dangote is a rogue?

Anonymous,  1:39 pm  

@ Ama - Aliko has been married and divorced twice and not four times. Yes, he has three daughters. What is wrong with that ?

He is a hausa man with a lot of money and can be married to as many women as he wishes but he is still single and not taking advantage of women with his wealth. It says something good about him.

ama,  5:55 pm  

I beg your pardon Anon 1.39pm...... from what I know, he has been married 4 times!
And I was giving MY impression and opinion of the man. The operative word here is MY! An opinion I might add that I am qualified to give, since I have known the man since 1984 and quite intimately at that.
His not being married has nothing to do with not wanting to take advantage of women with his money!

Anonymous,  2:23 pm  

@Ama - Is that actually your real name or pseudonym? I am happy to ask Aliko if he knows who you are.Does Sani, Fatima or Sayyu know you as well?

I know he has not been married 4 times! We all know the role Alhaja Mariya played in the collapse of his past marriages.

Sadly, you are not the only one qualified to give an opinion about him. I do understand that you are entitled to your opinion though.

Dont take offence about my comment.I just think that it is in bad taste to express your view about a guy you dated on a public blog... If I come across defensive, I am sorry, He is my favourite relative and this has nothing to do with his wealth.

coolgal 3:50 pm  

interesting when money comes into the issue women come out to say they dated him. my question to ama is why did he not marry her? hmmm let me take a wild guess.......

make your own ama:)

Anonymous,  10:31 pm  

@ Anon 2.23pm
A psuedonym is better than anonnymous no? I can hardly ask him if he knows anonymous now could I? I also know many people around him, nn fact I was rather close to his dear late friend Waziri.
I'm just giving my two cents from my unique perspective, like you are.... I think that is allowed.

@ coolgal, why assume that 1. I wanted to marry him, 2. I " don't have my own" ? Pretty presumptious don't you think?

For you information, when I got to know Aliko, he didn't have very much money. That was in the mid to late eighties. So perhaps you should stop assuming so much from the fews lines that I wrote!

'derin,  9:18 am  

Chineeeke!!! Women! We're dangerous o! What has Dangote's sexual prowess (or lack thereof) got to do with his entrepreneurial spirit?

No offense ama, but your comment was crass. Not the time, definitely not the place.

Anonymous,  10:50 am  

@ Ama - I would love to reveal who I am but this is a rather public blog.

Like I said earlier, Aliko is a relative. Yes, I am a Dantata, Aliko's mum is also a Dantata and we all grew up together. Waz, who you claim to be close to, was married to Zainab, who is also a Dantata.

This is probably my last comment on here because if indeed you dated Aliko, you should definitely know me and I will work out who you are eventually. I reacted because your comments on his divorces were inaccurate and because I thought your other comments were distaseful.

ama,  7:41 pm  

@ derin

Pray tell, where and when did I discuss Aliko's sexual prowess?? Another assumption! " relating normally" could mean emotional , social............

Please don't ascribe or project false statements to/on me.

derin,  8:12 pm  

whatever you meant ama, the comment was crass and totally unnecessary. 'Nuff said.

derin,  8:13 pm  

whatever you meant ama, the comment was crass and totally unnecessary. 'Nuff said.

JUDY M,  3:58 am  

I met Aliko back in 1979, before he even had a credit card, as a matter of fact he still owes me $400 for a car I rented for him in New York, I won't be anonymous because I lost touch with him and never got my money back, he will remember me my name is Judy and I am Jamaican and I have pictures that we took when we use to party in New York with Tungi and Dyo. I also helped him when he was ripped off by a car dealer in Queens, New York, I referred him to my Attorney friend Trevor Brooks who was able to get his money back. Aliko was really a humble person, but you are so right I think he had issues with women. This might sound strange but for years I always said if I only know how to find that Nigerian that did not pay my credit card bill after I helped him. I really would like someone to mention this to him and I am quite sure he will remember, we lost touch in New York and I am quite sure he will do right and pay me my money. I have a lovely picture of him when he was younger. He was so slender back in 1979-1980, he has really gain weight over the years.

Anonymous,  12:47 pm  

@ Judy M - You sound like a gold digger or a scammer. If you want to get in touch with Aliko, how about you call the headquarters of Dangote Industries Ltd.

You can find their number on is fastest way by which you can get your $400 dollars back if indeed your story but it smells like a scam.

Post your full name or even post the so called picture you have with him. You can also email the picture to his Dangote Group email.

Ama,  4:47 pm  

Hi Judy,

If you know Trevor Brooks, then you also know Sam Tuga... we all used to hang in New York.

Anonymous,  7:07 pm  

You guys really kill me! So now because Aliko is a billionaire, anyone who cvlaims to have known him earlier is a scammer? Please, give me a freaking break!
Aliko has met many people through the years, and had all sorts of relationships with them.....get over it!
Aliko has spent a lot of time in the US and made many friends , aquaintances and enemies..... they all have a story to tell!

Get over it!

Anonymous,  3:33 pm  

In 1991, there was a joke in Lagos about a man who converted fom christianity to Islam and was named Mohammed.

He said he did not want that name and only wanted Moshood or Aliko (ie After Moshood Abiola or Aliko Dangote)..
Aliko did not become a billionaire today. He has been a billionaire for many years. Why are all these people coming otu now ?

Anonymous,  9:20 am  


ALIKO is my Father, he said He doesnt know any of u.....

u people SMH!!!:dead:

everybody wan claim

kazey,  7:53 pm  

Pathetic. Nigerians at it again.

Congrats to Aliko by the way, for making it to the forbes. May his wealth benefit those around him.

Anonymous,  5:09 pm  

I am not Nigerian at all, Aliko is a very good friend of mine,humble and a very good muslim and as an African i think we should all be proud of him...He is a role model for African.So keep your criticism for urselves and get back to work we will talk again when u people achieve a bit of what he did for Nigeria and Africa .

TRICIA 6:06 am  

who was that useless old woman saying nonsense about aliko? i doubt if he ever dated u, and if he did only God knows what he was this the forum for u to spew ur frustrations? go and get a life and stop lamenting about what happened (or did not happen) over 15 yrs ago.

TRICIA 6:21 am  


Anonymous,  10:53 pm  

@ Tricia why don't u mind your own business, Was " The old woman " talking to you? If you havee nothing sensible to contribute... and are just hre to talk nonsense then STFU

Anonymous,  12:59 pm  

@the last anon, (aka blabber mouth),u SHUT UP! was I talking to u? U r still on this subject two years later? Go get a life, old hag. Lmao.

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