Monday, March 31, 2008


View from around 2/3 or the way to the top. The border with Cameroon is just beyond the left hand edge of the image. Click to enlarge.


Ladipo,  12:01 pm  

Nice... I actually thought this was somewhere in India..

Wordsbody 4:20 pm  

I don't know about you Buddhists, Jeremy, but when I behold sights like this with my two eyes, I get all religious and find myself saying: "Ah, God is great!"

It's no wonder the Romantics saw God in the awesome beauty of nature.

Anonymous,  8:35 pm  

you know it does not look that tall from this photo; and is it a steep slope or a gentle incline?

Anonymous,  8:49 pm  

Wainwright fodder!

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