Friday, March 07, 2008


Its been unbearably hot in Abuja for the past few days. Last night at 11pm it was 31 degrees! The power situation in town has taken a hit - perhaps the two events are related. Of course they are.

Meanwhile, the phone networks have also dipped sharply in their service. Its impossible to make a call, and one has to try repeatedly to get a text to work. I suspect that again, this relates back to the diminished power output: the base stations in FCT have run out of power and back-up power.

Life goes on.



i was in abuja for two this this week and it was ridiculous, at d airport i thought i was going to pass out, i in fact thought maybe it was d airport that was just hot, i couldnt even complain for fear of someone calling me a stuck up so and so lagos girl, u know how u abuja ppl are. lol how r u?

Sandrine 5:27 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

We got a major power outage in Miami last week and it was like the end of the world.Traffic lasted for hours and it was a mess.It was pretty scary to see how dependent we are and how vulnerable.
I hope yours doesn't last too long.
Take care.


Ms. Catwalq 9:20 pm  

u have a tan?

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