Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RIP Anthony Minghella: gone too soon

We shared the same alma mater, Hull Uni, where I watched many a fine production at the Gulbenkian Theatre on campus. If only I had a copy of The Talented Mr Ripley, I'd watch it in his honour today. Can't wait to see the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency with Jill Scott as the voluptuous Mma Ramotswe...


Sandrine 2:18 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I loved the "no 1 ladies detective"stories.She reminded me of a younger version of Miss Marple.


Victoria 7:43 pm  

Talented Mr. Ripley - great book! One of my old favorites.

Waffarian 7:56 am  

Poor him! Funny how life is, he seemed to be everywhere on the internet recently with the upcoming series in botswana....

Rest in peace.

For the love of me 6:18 pm  

Yeah, we just critiqued the Talented Mr. Ripley in one of my classes. His works will live after him.

Anonymous,  8:04 pm  

... me too
it's on the beeb, easter sunday at 9pm and probably on iplayer after that. I will be watching it in his honour.

Anengiyefa 11:57 am  

Jill Scott was absolutely brilliant in the movie. BBC tell us they'll be screening the whole series in a few weeks. Ms Scott was bang-on with the Southern African accent, and those other African actors seem so schooled in their art...which is more than can be said for many of the ones we have to put up with on the Nigerian movie scene. Can't wait to see the rest of the series.

When I first heard of this whole thing, I thought Jill Scott had jumped on the chance to star in it because of Anthony Minghella, but I read her interview in The Telegraph where she insisted that it was the chance to travel to Africa that was the clincher. Apparently, she loved the 3 months she spent out there. On the whole, its refreshing to see Africans and Africa portrayed in a more positive light than is usually the case.

Interestingly, immediately after screening this movie, BBC1 took us back to the 2002 movie "Bringing the House Down", with Queen Lateefa. That meant that I spent the whole of that evening rolling with laughter..

Porter deHarqourt 5:16 pm  

he will be missed. the Talented Mr. Ripley to me, is a classic.

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