Sunday, March 09, 2008

An inspirational meeting

We had a Chairman of a Local Government Council visiting yesterday. The man had suffered under the military, being imprisoned and beaten up several times. Not only has he emerged unscathed, his approach to his job is nothing short of inspirational. Several well known companies operate on his patch. Rather than take the customary bribe, he has put them to work, suggesting corporate social responsibility as the way forwards. These companies are now busy building roads, improving their relationship with their host communities. He promised improved power to the villages under his watch. When he went to PHCN to discuss, they told him he was the first Chairman to ever pay a courtesy visit. A payment schedule for unpaid debts was agreed, and now his LGA has dramatically improved power. Again, he has brought in several traditional rulers and put them on committees, giving them decision-making power as well as accountability.

Surely there is a much bigger lesson that can be learnt from his enlightened approach to governance that might be reproducible across the nation? By fusing traditional systems of governance with official democracy, he is aligning different forms of political leadership at the grass roots level. By creating a manifesto based on straightforward improvements in basic amenities, he has strong buy-in from those he represents. He told us people routinely think he is from a different planet. Good for him, the State Governor has taken notice and is strongly supportive of his business-as-unusual approach. There is hope at the third tier of government, if his simple but effective style of governance is reproduced elsewhere..


Anonymous,  10:19 pm  

very nice. it seems like some of the issues with power may have to do with people not even paying their bills

imnakoya,  6:41 am  

Does he have a name?

Waffarian 10:27 pm  

Hopefully, more like him will turn up.

Gbemi's Piece 5:37 pm  

Who is he? He really exists, doesn't he? I hope he garners nationwide attention.

Anonymous,  8:42 pm  

I surely have a name, but I am keeping that till I am through with my meetings with the multinationals.

My people took letter inviting Julius Berger today and the letter were turned down and we were directed to the headquarters.

The othe rfurniture comapny whose xmas cash gift I rejected, has now accepted to buldoze and grade three killometre road in my local government. The cost of the project would have taken the company about 25 years to pay as tenament rate!

blackstone 12:03 pm  

That's an horrible update. Is there anything we can do in Africa or other parts of the globe to prevent the destruction of the roads? Are you comfortable enough to tell us the name of the company? Maybe we can start an email campaign or have alot of blogs expose this abuse of authority.


Yemisi,  11:03 pm  

To Blackstone, I think the locals probably need the road - to transport food items from farms to market, to connect with others. So, I think this is probably a welcome development to let a company fix and construct the road at no cost to the local government. They can then use the money saved for other things like schools and healthcare facilities.

So in this instance, I don't think campaign is what is needed.

If there were more enlightened local chairman like this, maybe people at the grassroots will have a better life.

Bloody hell, how much are they paying already as tenanment rate for it to take them 25yrs?

These companies should be monitored closely. They are all greed bastards.

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