Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Easter was always my favourite festival. All the choccy amidst pagan undertones, and the thrusting of spring usually well on the way. The cricket season and the smell of fresh cut grass just round the corner, followed by lazy summer days... Wrapped up in it was the minor thrill of it being close to the end of the football season - and the opportunity for the epsilons to keep shtum for a while about their simpleton game.

This Easter has a whiff of transformation about it. A few of my projects have moved into crysallis mode. NEITI looks like its going to kick ass this year and up the ante in terms of extractive transparency in Nigeria (watch this space). Meanwhile, there's another thing that you're going to start hearing about quite soon...

Meanwhile hash 2 (can't find the sign on my MacBook), a mate brought the Sunday papers from the UK. There was an article in the Sindie about Oxbridge's continuing dominance on public life (the law, media and politics in particular). The statistics are alarming. I came away thinking about how much this contributes to the hidebound nature of class in the UK and how it is stifling transformation and the opportunity for UK plc to remain globally competitive. The media is dominated by a narrow perspective on life. Think of how much for instance the BBC and the quality papers are utterly dominated by public school boys and girls who went 'up' to Oxford or Cambridge, ditto the houses of Parliament. Its not as if those who went to Oxbridge are particularly brighter than those who do their degrees elsewhere: more that the happenstance of their class background and secondary education gave them the supporting context and confidence to apply..

Note to those still commenting on the Dangote post: I simply will not approve any more of your comments, its getting quite ridiculous. I'm sure if someone lent me 400 bucks 20 years ago, I'd have forgotten about it by now..


Anonymous,  10:52 pm  

I know it's your blog, but if you want to censor peoples comments on information you put out there, then why bother putting your thoughts and information in the public domain?

Keep them to yourself, and no one will put so called " ridiculous comments on your blog!

It's not by force abi?

Anonymous,  1:04 am  

jeremy i'm sorry but you CANNOT stop posting the aliko comments. this post made me curious so i clicked on the(aliko) comments (aka "worship at the temple of aliko) and have not been able to stop laughing. Please keep posting- perhaps one day Cassava Republic can turn the cuckoo comments and bickering into a radio play? This is a cliche i know BUT (altogether now) "THIS SHIIITE COULD NOT BE SCRIPTED!" dang!
there's an "a" in my name like "A"liko, could we therefore be related?

I was once, no, twice in the same room with him- am i going to be a millionaire?

my uncle's 3rd wife's 5th brothers son bought a pack of dangote spaghetti SO!- i out Aliko all o y'all_

Nonsense and Ingredients.


oh, and i'll reveal my name when the time is right.

Sandrine 2:40 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

My favorite memories of Easter from my childhood are finding chocolate fish hidden in my grandma's condo in South France and going to the Palm Sunday blessing.It was a baroque church in the old part of the city overlooking the sea.All the kids had palms woven in fancy shapes.Some of them with chocolates.
My favorite memory of my kids childhood is when they went to get eggs in our garden, thinking that the Easter bunny had just dropped them and I told them they should thank him and all of them looked at the sky and said"thank you Easter Bunny".
Take care.


Idemili 5:35 pm  

Ridiculous or no, one thing they are is amusing! You simply must let it go on even if only for the entertainment value.

Or was this a ploy to get a lot more people to read the comment section of your Dangote post? Because it works.I just did.

Anonymous,  7:48 pm  

That Dangote stuff is too funny!
Yep.....400 bucks is a lot of money.......

Busola,  1:32 pm  

Re Dangote comments - Could it be that Abdulrazaque Barkindo read the Dangote comments on your blog that made him pen his column today.

Truth is that I would not want that sort of Dangote wealth. You just cant win with Nigerians. Someone must always find a fault somewhere.

Why am I talking about Dangote? Is this post not about easter?

Anonymous,  6:25 pm  

Busola can we have a link pls.

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