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God also loves gay people

An article by Lagos-based Walidmar Pelser, which originally appeared here.

While most African churches condemn homosexuality and most governments ban it outright, a Nigerian reverend has set up a ministry for gay Christians in West Africa's largest city, reports Waldimar Pelser from Lagos.

18 men in northern Nigeria face 10 years in jail, or 120 public
strokes of the cane, for dressing like women at a party in August. In Senegal, seven men and a woman are arrested for appearing on pictures taken at a gay party. A member of the Muslim Supreme Council in Uganda calls in August on gays to be killed, while the minister for ethics and integrity insists gays should leave the country because of their "strange, ungodly" ways.

It is not popular to be gay in Africa, and illegal in 32 African states. Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda are among them, and from Morocco to Egypt and Cameroon gay men are behind bars.
But on the outskirts of Lagos a gay ordained minister is bellowing "Halleluja!" from a church dressed in the colourful rainbow flag.

His ministry has become a refuge for about 30 gay, Christian men in West Africa's largest city, some of whom have lost their jobs, been thrown out by their families, and suffered abuse by friends or the police because of whom they choose to love. Revd. Jide Macaulay (42) gained notoriety in Nigeria when he publicly spoke out in the House of Representatives in February 2007 against a bill that would have imposed a prison sentence for anyone who speaks out or forms a group supporting lesbian and gay people's rights.

If passed, it would have made Nigeria one of the most dangerous places in the world to be gay – barely two months after South Africa passed Africa's first act legalising gay marriage in December 2006.

Now stuck in a parliamentary committee, Nigeria's Same Sex Prohibition Bill is not law, but is "taken to be law" by many Nigerians, including members of the police, Macaulay told City Press in an interview at his House of Rainbow Church, which ministers primarily to Lagos's gay and
lesbian community.

Non-denominational, House of Rainbow slots into the world-wide system of pro-gay Metropolitan Community Churches, founded in the US 40 years ago.

"Landlords consider it (the bill) law, employers consider it law. People are losing their job or the roof over their head because there is a bill that says same sex amorous relationships are prohibited," said Macaulay.

Last month Michael* (26), a paritioner at his church, spent 10 days in detention at an army barracks in Lagos, forced into hard labour by a family member who carried out a "civilian arrest" when Michael admitted he was gay, according to Macaulay.

Joseph Akoro (20), who runs an advocacy group for gay rights among the Lagos youth, told City Press extortion and "direct homophobic attacks" are common. His group, The Independent Project (TIP), organize events "amid tight security and always at night, for fear of being attacked".

Akoro hopes to set up a website for reporting abuse of gays and lesbians. "There is a culture of silence here," Jude Dibia (33), author of Walking with Shadows, a novel in which the lead character is "outed" by a colleague at work, told City Press.

A marriage failed; the character left Nigeria for London in the end. "When I wrote my book, I got so many messages from gay Nigerians who said, 'Thank you for telling our story'. But there was a backlash form the press, who questioned my sexuality and investigated my personal

Nigerians willing to speak out about gay rights face strong opposition from church groups preaching that homosexuality is a sin. The head of the world's largest Anglican church, Nigeria's Archbishop Peter Akinola (64), has led world-wide opposition to the ordination of gay priests in the United States, deepening a rift which some believe could split the Anglican communion.

He has called gays "strange, two-in-one humans" and homosexuality "an abberation, unkown even in the animal kingdom". While countries like Burkina Faso have scrapped sodomy laws, gays in Kenya organise large parties openly on the internet, and gay men and women in South Africa have been allowed to adopt children since 2002, Akinola's messages are spreading "ripples of fear" in Nigeria, says Macaulay.

"Peter Akinola is building an army of homophobic people. Religious leaders in Nigeria are very, very powerful people, have a large congregation, and use television and the airwaves to propogate homophobic messages."

Movies from Nollywood, as Nigeria's burgeoning home-made video industry is known, have also addressed gay themes, mostly depicting "lesbian relationships that end tragically," critic Unoma Azuah wrote in Vanguard newspaper last week.

In End Times, the protagonist was a gay pastor who got his powers from the devil, while a lesbian in Beautiful Faces was a thief, prostitute and leader of a vicious cult.

"Ons begins to wonder if it is mere co-incidence," Azuah asked. Prejudice forces gays into hiding and some claim it has an unintended impact on sexual health.

"Most gays are in hiding," said Macaulay. "Men tell me they are married but also have a lover, who they want to keep in a different state. This can have a drastic effect on sexual health. When you have multiple partners and there is secrecy around it, or switch boyfriends
all the time (to avoid being found out), it hightens chances of transmission."

Macaulay fears the issue of HIV among gay Nigerian men is "not surfacing". "It is very difficult to know (how many are infected). We do not have the data, we have no information."
In Senegal, French health group AIDES said last month the HIV prevalence rate was 21,5% in the gay community and 0,7% in the community at large, as repressive laws continue to make the outright targeting of gay men and women impossible.

Macaulay's church is therefore one of only a handful Nigerian organisations who do sexual health councelling specifically for lesbians and gay men, while preaching faithfulness and handing out condoms just in case.

"Our main vision is to get gay men and women to reconcile their sexuality and their spirituality. The tragedy is that many people cannot do it because of historical interpretations of the Scriptures," said Macaulay.

Armed with books like The Queer Bible Commentary, Homosexuality in the Church and The Lord Is My Shephard, And He Knows I'm Gay, Macaulay is preaching inclusion.

"Some churches say we are not the church of God. Then we do not serve the same God. We serve a God who is compassionate and loving."

Last month, Macaulay told an African sexuality conference in Abuja he was an ordained minister, and gay. There was surprise and damnation, but after he spoke 200 copies of his pocket-sized devotional for gay Christians were snapped up at the door.

"They said, 'How dare you?' But I cannot live dishonestly to please anybody else. I'm a happy, holy homosexual."
(*name changed)


Anonymous,  4:16 pm  

Homosexuality is an abberation, in every sense of the word. The anus was not made to be the receptacle of another mans penis..... That is not the anatomical function of the anus!
Are we to give rights to people who like to have sex with animals, corpses, children etc etc. because, according to them, that is the way they are..... if you are a homosexual, then be one! But do not force anyone to accept your lifestyle as normal or alternative!

I however do not condone violence against homo's.

Anonymous,  4:19 pm  

The Bible in many places condemms homosexuality...... How can anyone reconcile the two.... you cannot have your cake and eat it, You are either a christian and follow the Bible or you are not a christian and follow something else.

Anonymous,  12:37 am  

Enough with the cultural imperialism. Nigeria passing an anti-gay law shows that it hasn't its priorities in the right order; however, every country reserves the right to treat its gays the way it wants: adopting a Western-style "gays-are-normal" approach is insanity overtaking insanity.

Open homosexuality in Nigeria is revolting. Plain disgusting.

Waffarian 2:25 am  

@anonymous: Please, for the love of God, what is normal in this world? and especially in Nigeria, what is normal? I am yet to see anything in this sick world that is normal.

Why do you find it necessary to spread hate in the world. Have we not learnt anything yet? Who are you to judge other human beings? Do you really think you have the right? and even if you are so full of yourself, that you actually believe you have the right, who the hell cares? who are you in this world?

If you do not "condone" (whatever that means) homosexuality, I am sure there are ways you can live in this world without having any contact with gays. You are an adult, I am sure you can manage that.

Let compassion and common sense rule, no matter your religious or personal views.

It is a pity that we continue to say such terrible things about other human beings like us, just flesh and blood. Do you really think all this counts in the end? we are all nothing in this world....nothing.

And before anybody asks, no, I do not give a flying fuck about what other human beings are up to in their bedrooms and I do not waste my time thinking about if it is disgusting or not. Why should I? but perhaps there are just so many things to be discovered, too many things to think about...than sex.

Sex, sex, sex. All the fucking hear anything about it and you all go nuts. Do something else with your brain.


nneoma 6:45 am  

"every country reserves the right to treat its gays the way it wants"

uhhhhh, no. Because according to International Bill of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, both of which Nigeria has signed on to, the rights of all people are to be protected. Anon's statement flies in the face of basic human rights we all hold dearly to.

Charles Lambert 9:10 am  

Anonymous. Why are you anonymous? Surely you ought to be proud to put a name to such deeply-held convictions? You also seem to be extremely well informed about the practices of gay men. So well-informed that a less generous person than myself might think you'd had some experience, or would like some. Perhaps you'd be surprised to learnt that not all gay men practise sodomy, and that many straight men do, although they use the female anus. Does that make it better? You seem to think that gay sex operates on the same moral plane as necrophilia, bestiality, etc. On the assumption that corpses and goats can give meaningful consent, demonstrate reciprocal affection, participate in the day-to-day business of a relation ship? Or because you're talking through your anus? Something else it wasn't designed for...

Come out, Anonymous! Tell us who you are! Don't skulk in the shadows, calling names!

Te Hinu Watchers 9:12 am  

the previous blogs explain their frustration with homosexuality and one says that the anus wasn't build for a penis. homosexuality isn't about the sexual act itself. Many heterosexual people also practice anus sex. It was a way for birth control.
homosexuality isn't about sex, it is about gender identities. Homosexuality is can not be come pared to having sex with animals. And we are not trying to force people to being homosexuals. Although you are entitled to your opinion I think we should see the bigger picture and not look at this from peoples sexual organs which is what many people do. Many young teenagers are struggling with their hormones and gender at a young age and sometimes they cannot express to their families what they are feeling. This also means that many families are not prepared when young people are experiencing feelings that might be gay, lesbian, bisexual or of other genders. Many parents have rejected their children and some extreme cases the children have committed suicide. As a parent how can we do this to our own children?

Obi,  10:13 am  

As usual, the "holier than thou" people in Nigeria have come home to roost.

As christians the perenial question is What Would Jesus Do ? Jesus Christ would love the sinners but hate sin. Fact is we are all sinners whether we accept it or not. So stop looking at the speck in someones eye without removing the mighty log in yours.

Anonymous,  4:40 pm  

@ waffarian, lots of things are not normal, you are right on that! Including two males copulating, using anatomical exit points meant for something else!
We cannot live in this world and accept every depraved act because some very small minority say it comes naturally to them (no genetic cause can be established)
Christian is Christian and Gay is anti christian.... no matter which way you want to twist or turn it!

Waffarian, if this is not so, then come up with something in the Bible that endorses homosexuality.... then I will be converted ( and please, try not to be so emotional about this or are we GAY???)!
As I said previously, I don't believe in violence period. That includes violence against homosexuals!

Bisola,  7:09 pm  

@ Anon 4.40pm - what is the point of your argument? Is it therefore ok if a man sticks his penis into a woman's anus?Anal sex is a widespread practice you know....

Secondly, the holy scriptures state that Be Holy for I your God is holy. Yet you sin. I sin. We all sin. The reality is that there is nothing in the bible that supports homosexuality but there is also nothing in the Bible that supports the sin we commit but yet we as humans sin. Why focus on the gays?

Controversial Anon,  7:26 pm  

Who the fuck is God! Homosexuals are becoming even thicker than I thought. Why do homosexuals need this sort of approval?

Who the fuck is God and who the fuck is Jesus christ! If you are a man and you wish to fuck other men in the arse, why then are you so worried about christianity and the stupidity that is religion? I never have been able to figure this one out. Blatant stupidity if you ask me!

Sting 7:48 pm  

@ anonymous 4.40, just because waffarian is "emotional" about the issue doesn't make her gay. You don't have directly connected to something to be passionate about it.

As other people have mentioned, heterosexual people also have anal sex, so what are you doing to say or think about it.

I have met gay Christians who are better Christians than i'll ever be. Just because someone is gay doesn't automatically mean they can't be Christians or they don't love God just as much as the next person.

We all need to learn how to be tolerant of other people regardless of how different they are. Live and let live.

Anonymous,  8:03 pm  

@nneoma, I hate to break it to you, but not paying attention to those agreements you mentioned is the order of the day. Everybody does it.

@ charles lambert, I wonder where your country ranks on the Polygamy Index. Yes, that list that ranks countries on their treatment of polygamosexuals, men who have a gene that makes them need 4-6 wives. I bet your country ranks really low, no?

So fix that problem first. Pluck the log in your own eye first!

bukoks,  8:51 pm  

This issue is sooo trivial compared to the everyday problems faced by nigerians, y do we always occupy ourselves with problems faced by developed countries who have access to the basic factors of life which are luxuries to us. First this and now the indecent dressing legislation, i guess our parliament really have alot of times on thier hands!
P.S i recently discoverd ur blog and av bcom quite an addict!

omidanbellafricaine 9:10 pm  

Don't you just hate it when christians come to you with their my "bible says" quotes? If I don't believe in the bible then your argument has absolutely no meaning to me. In other words it does not apply to me. I would actually like to see a nigerian make a coherent argument without a holy book.
Usually I do not engage myself in arguments based on religion/Bible/Quran because there really is no coherent line of thought (yes i said it). However today I'll make an exemption.
Christians really cannot make up their minds. The old testament has most of the passages that condemn homosexuality, it also condemns eating shrimp and places sabbath on saturday yet i don't see christians following these rules. They claim they have the new covenant in Jesus which is how they differentiate themselves from Judaism, yet Jesus never mentioned homosexuality so that "what would jesus do" question cannot be answered. Finally Paul is the only apostle (whether he deserves this title is debatable) who condemns homosexuality and lets not forget this is the same guy that says women cannot be pastors in churches , must always cover their hair, considers appetite for food sin etc. I don't see christians implementing those laws either. Moreover, the bible/religion/quran has always been used as a basis for every form of oppression e.g. Slavery, Colonialism, Racism, Sexism, Child Abuse, War and so on(frankly it is a defining quality of oppression). Finally, People and even Nigerians aren't only moslems or christians it would be wrong to enforce morals from Abrahamic religions on everyone.

aronke,  9:18 pm  

@anonymous (ok, use a pseudonym if you like, but this anonymous thing is a bit tired), I agree, the bible does not endorse homosexuality and until i get a better understanding of the 'hows' and 'whys', i would have to say that i do believe it is an aberration.

That said.

The bible says 'For God so loved THE WORLD that he sent his son to die'.....Homosexuality was in practice as well as other sins, yet God sent his son to save the world. That tells me that God loves you, whatever your sexual preference.

There are several things the bible does not endorse, whether implicity or explicitly, and if you believe that there are no big or small sins, then we are all sinners.

Homosexuals? Sinners. Liars (and that includes the 'little' lie you told your boss about being late to work because of traffic meanwhile you stayed up late browsing porn sites). Sinner. The N100 bribe you gave to the LASTMA official when you beat the traffic light (double sin sef because you're adding to the moral decay of this country). Adultery (yes, you slept with your married aristo only last night), sin and triple sin because you're contributing to the breakdown of the family unit and you know how important marriage is to God.

Point is, as waffarian said, who are we in the scheme of things? Do we know the mind of God? I personally believe that God works in and through us all for the furtherance of His kingdom, whether or not we believe in him. Indeed, there are homos, atheists, hindus, buddhists and what have you, who are much better representatives of the Kingdom than those of us who profess to be Christians will ever be.

It is sheer arrogance (and folly) to believe that you're better than someone simply because you say you're 'born again' or whatever and yet you go about spreading sentiments of hatred and violence while the people you target quietly do the work of God you are too busy (not) doing.

Anengiyefa 11:11 pm  

Bisola, my take on this is that those responsible for the focus on gay men, are often supposedly heterosexual men who are not secure in their heterosexuality. They havn't been brave enough to accept their own homosexual feelings, and therefore feel threatened by those other men who have grabbed the horns of the bull, and shed the heterosexual mask altogether.

This is why I think people like Anonymous sound as hysterical as they seem to do. Listening to them, you would think that homosexuals are on the verge of completely taking over our society. The truth is homosexuality is as old as the human race, and the heterosexual majority have never been worse off because of homosexuality. It was found in almost every major African ethnic group that we know of, through all of the history we know of.

There is a lie in scholarship based on two false assumptions in anthropology:
(1) the false assumption that savage or primitive people know nothing about homosexuality; and
(2) the false assumption that Africans were savage or primitive.

Where there was clear and indisputable evidence of African homosexuality, anthropologists had to invent excuses in order to save these false assumptions, and that is what they did. The first excuse was that Africans learned homosexuality from the Arabs. Then the excuse was that Africans learned homosexuality by hustling Europeans. Anthropologists said homosexuality was only a corruption practiced by the overly rich chiefs. Then they said that poor people practiced homosexuality because the overly rich chiefs had monopolized all of the women. They said it was only youthful high spirits; the African was not really homosexual; he was just real drunk last night. Every excuse you are likely to hear from a deep closet case was used by Euro-American academics in the attempt to explain away the facts

In reality, few of the societies of Africa could be called savage or primitive, but all over the world, even those people who might fairly be called savage or primitive are perfectly familiar with homosexuality. Homosexuality is not the white man's way. It is the way of gay people of all colours and nations, of all places and times.

Waffarian 11:46 pm  

@anonymous: Why on earth would I want to use quotations from the Bible to support an argument? I am not so narrow minded as to believe that the Bible is the truth for every single human being in this world. However, please feel free to use quotations for your own argument.

Now, if you read my earlier comment, I made no mention of christianity in relation to homosexuals. Once again, I'll have to admit that I do not care if you or a homosexual claim to be a christian. You can worship mammy water for all I care. It is none of my business.

You on the other hand, seem to care so much about what others do or do not do in their lives. You ask if I am gay, is that important to you? How does is affect your life in any way?

Yes, I am very passionate about LOVE. That is the only truth in this world that is worth anything. You say "We cannot live in this world and accept every depraved act because some very small minority say it comes naturally to them". If I may ask, on whose behalf are you accepting or not accepting?

You are a christian. You believe in God, then trust him to accept or not.It is not your place as a human being to dictate who gets to be accepted in this world or not. The truth is, you are not important at all. I am very sure, on "the last day", he will definitely not call you up to ask for your very special advice.

jide,  3:16 am  

@anonymous-your argument against homosexuality based on the mechanics of homosexual sex is a little embarrasing to other christians who may share your opinion in principle and there's no need to pontificate on the assumption that every one believes in the bible.
Having said that, it might also help to 'empathise' with a lot of religious folk in their opposition to homosexuality. We can debate this without the hateful language some of you hypocritically employ in condeming anon's 'hatefulness'.
Fact is that homosexuality is fundamentally seen as an aberration by a lot of religious folk-and please don't rush to judge that opinion as uncivilised-because open support for homosexuality is 1. a fairly recent thing 2. That opinion agrees with years and years of legal tradition 3.While it may be debatable where the burden of proof lies here, there really is no conclusive evidence that homosexuality is 'natural' (in the class of some disability which people need to be protected for) 4. In the broad framework of legality,the fact that there are often moral, historical and cultural factors that play in framing laws is established and I think a basic consideration behind every law is what works in the interest of the society or the common good-this is a complex issue and simplistic answers must be avoided.Over the years, framers of the law have had to make their judgement on issues based on these factors in what may seem an arbitrary manner-setting 16 or 18 as the age of consent in a lot of countries, prohibiting incestuous relationships etc

omidanbellafricaine 10:01 am  

@ Jide should I empathize with anti gay people? They absolutely do not empathize with my opinions where's the reciprocity in that?

2. Do you know of any conclusive evidence that states that heterosexuality is 'natural'?

3. Do you really think moral, historical, and cultural factors can effectively define our laws in an age where there those factors are extensively varied?

4. How would anti gay laws in nigeria benefit nigeria as a whole? I have heard the "common good" argument so many times and what it essentially means is that the gay minority has to do what the straight majority wants in other not to discomfort the majority (that has selfishness written all over it)

5. Finally have you ever had your sexuality questioned morally, historically, and culturally by queer people? If not why scrutinize theirs. please answer the following questions
1. why

Sandrine 8:40 pm  

To Anon 4:40 p.m.
Gays are not a small minority.Considering that they are probably around 5% of any population (from Wikipedia) and knowing that Nigeria has about 145 million people, they are about 7 millions.

Anonymous,  11:14 pm  

@ Sandrine,
I don't think you should take statistics from Wikepedia lol!

Gays are not 5% of the population. No where in the world are such statistics recorded.... and certainly not in Nigeria.

Anonymous,  11:25 pm  

@ Waffarian

On my own behalf of course, and any like minded pro family individuals.

It's funny.... your comments are bristling with hate and annoyance.
Whereas mine just state what I feel about homosexuality.... no hate!
Who's a hater here?
I am a christian and these are my beliefs, you are free to have yours.

For your information, homosexuality was previously thought to be a mental disorder.... through time and with great imput and financing by the powerful gay lobby, which controls the media, the message is now that homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle. Unfortunately the youth are the ones being misled by this misinformation!

What a shame!

Anonymous,  11:36 pm  

Aside from the bible not endorsing homosexuality, it is not natural or normal for two people of the same sex to have a sexual relationship.....

Aberration , Abomination , disgusting,

Anonymous,  11:49 pm  

Charles Lambert, you are a gay white man who lives in Italy.....
You are obviously deluded and think that by insulting me you somehow change the facts of homosexuality.

I don't recall addressing you in any of my comments. Also maybe aside from being deluded, you are confused..... who is name calling here?
My dear little confused man, I have every right on earth to decide for myself what feel about anything! And so do you! If you feel that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, then please be my guest... but stop attacking folks who have a different opinion

Geez, you homo's are a rabid lot!

Anonymous,  1:10 am  


Anonymous,  2:33 pm  

Dearest Sandrine love, Wikipedia is not a source for any serious person. Any fool can edit it.

It may be accurate (and it most often is), but the fact that anyone with a keyboard can edit it dissolves any credibility for any serious researcher.

Sorry to break it to you: 5% of Nigeria's population is NOT homo. Geez!

jide,  3:52 pm  

@omidanbellafricaine: My response to you below:

@ Jide should I empathize with anti gay people? They absolutely do not empathize with my opinions where's the reciprocity in that?

please note I used the word 'empathise' in quotes. Nevertheless, you miss the point-the immediate issue at debate is focused on people/religious people who oppose homosexuality. Your description of everyone who may not exactly be approving of homosexuality as 'anti-gay' goes to the heart of the issue-that term immediately connotes hatefulness and a desire to criminalise-which is baseless-the issues are far more subtle than that in the minds of a lot of people-they feel it's wrong and would, for example, be embarrassed to discover their kid was dating someone of the same sex(fact is, it's a tabboo in a lot of communnities esp here in Nigeria whether rightly or wrongly-) but they wouldn't go as far as wanting it criminialised or wanting gays lynched in public -they'd be willing to look away. Is this what you describe as anti-gay? That's knee-jerk defensiveness and fails to appreciate the fact that the gay movement challenges years and years of tradition. And lets be clear, the stakes are raised when the issue is challenging the definition of marriage and not just whether 2 adults of the same sex have a right to do whatever in the privacy of their room-it is you who make it an issue for public debate by seeking to redefine the institution of marriage.

2. Do you know of any conclusive evidence that states that heterosexuality is 'natural'?
>>>oh, you think heterosexuality is unnatural? I assumed everyone knew about the procreative impulse which drives much of our sexuality-psyhologists, anthropologists, biologists etc have intervened on this issue over and over again. The issue of evidence comes up only because gay marriage advocates have argued that it's 'not a choice but nature' and there's been some attempt at explaining it genetically-it has been a strong basis for the anti-discrimination campaign. Pls notice most of the laws against discrimination are about factors in a person's life which they've had little or no say on i.e race, gender, nationality, disability etc Some have argued that homosexuality cannot be equated with that because its a choice, a chosen alternative lifestyle. This has been a fundamental point in the debate which is yet to be fully resolved but my point was that gay advocates have largely carried on as though the question's been fully resolved-not so.

3. Do you really think moral, historical, and cultural factors can effectively define our laws in an age where there those factors are extensively varied?
>>>but they already do-legal tradition across the world is based on broad principles from hundreds and hundreds of years ago-even the idea of democratic freedoms-ever heard of the magna carta? It's the broad principles we are talking about here-so what's your point exactly?
It's precisely because of such anarchistic reasoning whch seeks to disingenously challenge every known norm and tradition that a lot of people are hostile to the gay movement. Would you agree it's unnatural for a father to sleep with his 18 year old daughter(not rape, consensually)? Is there any evidence that this is unnatural? Does the lack of empirical evidence make it right? Are laws against it not based on the supposition, by observing people, general patterns of behaviour etc that it's not rightor at least aceptable? Or a brother and sister? There are laws based on what you may call time-tested 'assumptions' on rightness and wrongness or just simply how society has chosen to conduct its affairs in certain areas such that without an overwhelming reason(such as discovering a gay gene), it becomes difficult to overturn such settled traditions.

4. How would anti gay laws in nigeria benefit nigeria as a whole? I have heard the "common good" argument so many times and what it essentially means is that the gay minority has to do what the straight majority wants in other not to discomfort the majority (that has selfishness written all over it)
>>> Please tell me where exactly i advocated the anti-gay bill? Matter of fact is, I think its unecessary,silly and a misplacement of priorities

5. Finally have you ever had your sexuality questioned morally, historically, and culturally by queer people? If not why scrutinize theirs. please answer the following questions
>>of course they are free to question it. In fact I suggest to the gay movement to introduce a counter bill to ban heterosexual marriage. They are free to call for a referendum across the world.

Victoria 7:51 pm  

Thanks for posting this story, it's clearly created some intriguing discussion. In the end though, I always wish that societies in general could be a bit more tolerant of certain people's lifestyles. I think in regards to this subject, individuals should have the choice and the freedom to do what makes them happy, as long as that freedom doesn't infringe on the rights of others.

naija1st 2:51 pm  

Na war for some people o. I'm sick and tired of people using the Bible to promote their hate and ignorance. The Bible was written ages ago within a certain cultural context with the values and sentiments of that time.

Anonymous, how would you like it if white people continued to use the bible to justify colonialisation and slavery. They used to until slavery was abolished, you know. And some die- hard racists still believe even today that blacks are from the cursed race of Ham. Remember that story in the bible about the cursed race of Ham?

Why don't concern yourself with the real ills of society like child rituals and killings. Now we all know how abhorrent and distasteful THAT is.

It is a shame that Nigeria as a nation concerns itself with all manners of religious bigotry and phony righteousness while it does very little to deal with the real ills of society - the endemic corruption and 'get-rich-by-all- means' tendencies that lead to numerous atrocities and ritual killings. GET REAL, 'anonymous' and other naijas like you!

Anonymous,  9:59 pm  

Well, all kinds of comments. Whatever anybody thinks, gay people need help because such acts are unnatural.
I challenge the character behind the Rainbow Church to tell us that he is not using it as a screen to make some hard currency from around the world, pretending to be providing a cover for gay people. That's a fad in Nigeria. Just create a problem, set up an NGO and look for grants from around the world.
It's a thriving business and the Rainbow guy is just one of these fraudsters. Gay people are persons who have been unable to control the person inside them.
One day, somebody might wake up and tell us that paedophiles, rapists, necromancers and all such wierd people should be allowed to do what they like. Afterall, it's a free world.
Shame to all of you promoting lesbianisim and homosexuality. After promoting it, what next? U end up frustrated copycats of stupid western madness.

Anonymous,  2:46 am  

Good luck to him, I really mean that. If I had a gay brother I would not let him go to that church, too public, it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anengiyefa 6:57 pm  

If we Africans are to develop as Africans in an African society, such development will have to follow the route which all other successfully developing societies outside the West, have followed. Africans will have to trust their own genius and adapt modern, Western rationality and secularism, into an overwhelmingly African socio-cultural base. We must seek to remain faithful to ourselves, speak for ourselves and act single-mindedly in our enlightened self-interest. We must detach ourselves from such alien notions as homophobia, which have been reinforced in our consciousness by religious beliefs that are alien to our societies, and therefore to our continent.

Anonymous,  5:01 pm  

relationships are the same everywhere. Its no different form life itself.

i think the issue here is accepting other peoples choices on how they live and who they love.

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tobenna 12:41 pm  

I don't think I have ever seen written violence before now.

Sugabelly 12:06 am  

@Anonymous called Emeka: Hee Hee! It's NECROPHILIACS not NECROMANCERS!! Nearly pissed my panties when I read that one. A Necromancer is a sorcerer that raises spirits from the dead to do his bidding.

A Necrophiliac is someone that enjoys sex with dead things (eeeeeeewwwwww and triple ewwwwwwwwwww and tufiakwa to them!! eeeeeeeee!!)

Anonymous,  1:20 pm  

homosexual lifestyle has serious health hazards

RECTAL SEX Surveys indicate that about 90% of gays have engaged in rectal intercourse, and about two-thirds do it regularly. In a 6-month long study of daily sexual diaries,3 gays averaged 110 sex partners and 68 rectal encounters a year.

Rectal sex is dangerous. During rectal intercourse the rectum becomes a mixing bowl for 1) saliva and its germs and/or an artificial lubricant, 2) the recipient's own feces, 3) whatever germs, infections or substances the penis has on it, and 4) the seminal fluid of the inserter. Since sperm readily penetrate the rectal wall (which is only one cell thick) causing immunologic damage, and tearing or bruising of the anal wall is very common during anal/penile sex, these substances gain almost direct access to the blood stream. Unlike heterosexual intercourse (in which sperm cannot penetrate the multilayered vagina and no feces are present),7 rectal intercourse is probably the most sexually efficient way to spread hepatitis B, HIV syphilis and a host of other blood-borne diseases.

Tearing or ripping of the anal wall is especially likely with "fisting," where the hand and arm is inserted into the rectum. It is also common when "toys" are employed (homosexual lingo for objects which are inserted into the rectum--bottles, carrots, even gerbils8). The risk of contamination and/or having to wear a colostomy bag from such "sport" is very real. Fisting was apparently so rare in Kinsey's time that he didn't think to talk about it. By 1977, well over a third of gays admitted to doing it. The rectum was not designed to accommodate the fist, and those who do so can find themselves consigned to diapers for life.

You can find more info here...

Homosexuality should not be endorsed. we have enough problems in naija already


Anonymous,  10:37 am  

@Anonymous 1.20pm, rectal/anal sex and homosexuality, are not one and the same thing.

Anonymous,  4:59 pm  

Heterosexuality is not natural...

There are several evidences for this:

But first of all, let's decide what is heterosexuality? Is it what the West defines it as...

West says Heterosexuality is sexuality between man and woman. But, then what makes a man heterosexual. If I have romantic relationship with a guy, but also do it with a woman once or twice in a lifetime, does that make me a heterosexual? I am sure not.

And then, whey wasn't there any terms like Heterosexuality or Heterosexuals before the modern West invented these words. Men in non-Western countries still largely don't relate wtih these terms and concepts. E.g. in non-Westernised India, if you called someone a Heterosexual, and explained him what it means, chances are that he will bash you up.

Heterosexuality is a totally modern Western concept, that signifies sexual bonding between man and women, on the assumption that they are the same. It also signifies the breaking away of man-woman relationship from the responsibility of procreation and the burdern of marriage. Thus it signifies casual male-female sexuality.

However, if you look at nature, there is hardly any heterosexuality amongst mammals. There is male-female sex, but:
- It only happens in certain seasons, like once a year or once in three years, depending upon the species.
- It is only related to procreation. Males and females seek out each other for sex only when they need to reproduce.
- Their sexual relationship is limited to the act of ejaculation, and the two depart after that, often never to meet each other. There is no emotional bonding between the opposite sexes, amongst mammals, at least not of a sexual/ romantic nature.
- Males and females lead, for the most part separate lives.
- Only a few males in any particular mating season are interested in mating with females.
- Typically, a male mates with a female only towards the latter part of his adulthood, and often only a couple of times in his entire life.
- A large percentage of males choose never to mate at all.

In contrast, there is widespread bonding between males amongst mammals. The following are some other interesting facts:
- In mammals, males and females lead separate lives.
- Sex between males is almost a universal phenomenon amongst mammalian males.
- Mammalian Males often develop lifelong committed bonds with each other, and these bonds have a strong sexual element. In other words, romantic bonds, amongst mammals, occur only amongst males or amongst females, but hardly ever between opposite sexes. (please refer to researches by Bruce Bagemihl, Johann Roughgarden, etc.) It's been the same with human societies, before the advent of Christianity.

In fact, any sensible person not brainwashed by Christianity from childhood would know that if there's any thing unnatural in this world, it is Christianity. But its very powerful, because of its criminally violent nature.

Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay 7:22 pm  

Hello People, what an amazing variation of comments, I am Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay, I am the pastor of House Of Rainbow MCC church in Lagos. Thus far many people in Nigeria believe it is impossible to be gay and a Christian, I have come to trust God and lead a God centred life and also help my fellow brothers and sisters who are either gay or not find the inclusive gospel of the love of Jesus. I call myself the happy holy homosexual, because my bible is filled with acceptance and not condemnation, love not rejection. I want to invite as many people to our church programme to join us in praising and worshipping God, just call +234 (0)805 256 7170, or email [email protected], my blog for other topics is or

Free Surf,  8:44 pm  

The Bible condemns homosexuality and condones masters owning slaves thus I feel the white folks were very justified in their making slaves of we africans! But then it was abolished.

Get your head out of your ass. Some of us just pick certain parts of the bible to torment others.

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