Sunday, March 30, 2008

back in bandwidth

Nearly back home after climbing Gangirwal- Nigeria's tallest mountain. More on the drama of the trip later when I have reached home and bathed my wounds.


Anonymous,  4:11 pm  

great to hear you're well. I was beginning to think you might have been kidnapped. Looking forward to your tales and photos from the climb.

Oguro,  6:29 pm  

... we missed you ...

uknaija 8:21 am  

wounds ke? easy o!

Anonymous,  7:12 pm  

Good to know you are alive and well. I was not aware (until now) that you were part of Pa Jibs crew (as Adaure refers to him). I was about to report you missing to the Metropolitan Police, hoping a picture of you will appear on the BBC and CNN. Lol. Bet you and Bibi had a swell time. Let me know when the next trip will be, i'll come along i'll come along if you'll have me.:)! Hope you wounds heal asap.

Anonymous,  12:04 am  

I didn't even know Nigeria had any mountains. I know of large rock formations, plateaus, hills but no mountains.

If you ever feel up to it, could you create a Wikipedia entry on Gangirwal and include some pictures. Once you get it going, kind folks on the internets can help fill it in. A million thanks if you can.

I have just seen your pictures and the one with the Cameroonian border is breathtaking.

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