Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The world is big but sometimes small. My friend Martin's brother is bringing his intriguing show to Nigeria in a few days. Full info here.


Mr C 11:46 am  

In Nigeria, the word is needed.
There is something about the word "Etiquette"; but i never really looked at it the way it was expressed here.
Beyond what was stated there, I think etiquette is a reflection of people communicating without words; doing things slated down by a either a high order of authority or principles laid down by culture & society.
Relating that to the Lagos situation, I can't help but say that our society is bugged by too many influences making it hard to communicate without actually using words or some very good phycological profiling technique.

Take for example, you are stuck in Lagos traffic. The road you are goes crosses over a t-junction.
Suddenly, there is movement and you find yourself about to cross the tee junction at the same time another car (this car is driving on the road that crosses yours). What do you do? The options are:
1. Wait let the other car cross
2. Go, don't slow down,remain at your speed, you just might make it
3. Move slowly and try and see the other persons response before deciding if to pick option 1 or 2.

With etiquette, most expected response will be based on laid down rules like "Right of Road" or a traffic light system.
I personally go for option 3 (if you go for option 1, the guy behind you will see that as a weakness and come to your front; phycological profiling before action) Personally, I believe in Lagos,there is a 30% chance both drivers will pick option 2, equating the chances of an accident to be based purely on luck. Madness innit?

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