Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Africa on my mind

"The West is losing its grip on the world it made and there will be a time soon when Africans will feel sorry for you. Actually, they already do, but this time it will be for your decadence and not just for your lack of cool."


Thanks OO for the link.


Mike,  4:30 pm  

What a silly and confused article.

Anengiyefa 4:36 pm  

Confused? Absolutely not! Silly? Maybe. I'm just not sure what the point of it is...Or maybe its because I'm African and I dont see Africa through the "cracked mirror of race". And of course being African, there's no guarantee that I know any history, so I had to read it just in case theres something in it for me..

Clearly this write up was not aimed at us and the author confirms it..

Anengiyefa 11:37 pm  
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