Friday, November 07, 2008

Follow-up on the Uzoma Okere story

Several local papers have finally caught up with the citizen-journalism driven story, with Lagos State Gov Fashola promising to pick up the victim's legal bills.

The Punch - the first paper to pick up the story
The Guardian



Iyaeto 3:23 pm  

The video clip says it all. Whatever they like they can say in defense. Nobody should get such humiliation. Why do they have to use horsewhip in the first place? why were they using "koboko" to control traffic?

JUSTICE FOR ALL 11:28 pm  

Shame on "TIGEGERAL" harry whatever with your so called baby zombis that did such babaric act on Uzoma. Hail to the super active camera whoever that put the clip on IREPORT. I am happy that the thief is finally cought after many decades he has been the Landlord. I am happy how nigeria and its entirety is going about the gruesome abuse by the so called Navy officer and his puppets. I thank the senate so much who quickly responded to the petition filed by the father of the victim. I thank the Lagos state governor Fashola who humbly appologised to Uzoma and even went as far as to take care of her hospital bills and to assit her legally. Fashola, you have proved me right again when I said though I am an independent in the diaspora, but I will defintly vote for you any day you would want to be the president of Nigeria.I know afterall uzoma may not get the right justice, but I am happy that the reputation of this TIGERAL and not Admiral HARRY AROGUNDADE and his machine of doom will never be the same. Punch, Vanguard and other gallant Nigeria press, I hail you all. You are the real democracy and the hope of a free society.

Anengiyefa 11:49 am  

Mere outrage is not sufficient. Until people become aware that they can and will be held accountable for their actions, such despicable acts will continue to occur. I am yet to hear that in Nigeria a military officer has been punished for unwarranted acts of violence against a civilian. Let us hope that this incident will set a precedent and that when the perpetrators have been punished severly as they should be, it would act as a deterrent to other soldiers who are so inclined. I'm thinking about the military action in Odi, Bayelsa State, the violent crimes that were committed and the wanton violence that was inflicted upon innocent civilians. I have not heard that anyone has been brought to book. The Nigerian military are a disgrace, and one wonders what role they still have in today's Nigeria. Who are they defending us from?

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