Sunday, November 30, 2008

The turn of the screw

The Governor of Akwa Ibom finally takes a stand against fake pastors and those behind the child-witch phenomenon in his state, here.


The Y River 4:29 pm  

I wonder who is more dishonest? The church, the government, or the fake pastors?
Ever heard of that thing called bribe? It's mentioned in the christian bible.

Controversial Anon 12:21 am  

'Fake Pastor' = Tautology

Boosh 12:51 am  

Words fail someone has coached Governor Princewill that his lack of reaction and silence after the documentary was terrible PR and he has decided to talk the talk? Bet the whole committee thing dies a natural death and these practises continue. As long as Nigerians continue to "patronise" these pastors, it will be business as usual. Ok, words didnt fail me afterall

Anonymous,  11:53 am  


Late, certainly; tinged by political opportunism, probably; why did it take this much fuss to get the Big man to take a stand, good question.

However, despite our reservations, let's not underestimate the importance of HE Godswill (ha, ha!) Akpabio's statement. What he has done is freed right-thinking people to persue child-abuse/witchcraft issues.

You or I can now go to the police to report a case, and demand action - or else. Parents, 'pastors' and others involved in this crime can be pressurized. More care will be taken at 'Crusades' and gospel rallies before branding people witches etc.

Rather than dissing HE's action, let's pat ourselves on the back for a successful advocacy campaign.

Next stop - INEC!!


Anonymous,  2:52 pm  

Too little, too late.

The Y River 2:56 pm  

those fake pastors will long as there are churches...and there will continue to be churches as long as there are fake pastors...and they will continue to chant hallelujah

Reminds me of the question of whether the chicken came before the egg? My answer, both came together. For those who saw the egg, the chicken was hiding inside. For those who saw the chicken, it had an egg inside.

Anengiyefa 3:18 pm  

In that Channel 4 documentary, comments were made to the effect that the policemen themselves are subject to the same fear of witchcraft which pervades those communities. In fact the DPO of the area that was subject to Channel 4's investigation, confirmed that police efforts were impaired because in general, people failed to cooperate with his officers for fear of reprisals.

This fear of witchcraft is so deep-rooted that merely attempting to deal with it by the force of law will prove to be insufficient. What is required more than anything else, is widespread re-education. Changing the people's attitude should be the long term objective and devising the means of achieving this objective should be the focus in the efforts of the Akwa Ibom State government.

In my head and around me 4:44 pm  

What exactly will be the criteria for determining 'fake pastors' and 'mushroom churches'. I would sit back with the popcorn right now if this was not such a serious issue.

Modibbo, you are right that the pressure has worked to some extent.

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