Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lost and found...

Do you ever get the feeling that there is too much news in Nigeria? Its a bit of a paradox really. Nothing changes on one level, but so much happens on another. So many tragi-comic dramas every day. The funny story du jour is that Nigeria's satellite, the poetically named NigComSat, is now officially lost in space. That's N40billion down the drain - or rather into the cosmos - then.

Meanwhile, Senator Afikuyomi's floating hotel has been found - berthed on the Marina - image to the left. Lagos' problems with the absence of affordable yet good quality hotels should be over within days, if not hours, if not minutes, if not now. Hallelujah!


Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

That satellite story... i mean... words fail me.

About this Afikuyomi thingie - please help me, are yuou being sarcastic or really think its a great idea?

R.E.II™ 11:05 pm  

Paradox Nigeria = beauty by paradox

Anonymous,  11:59 pm  

Another reason to say the word 'cosmos'.


Anonymous,  8:07 am  

to anon 10.26 and people say Nigerians get irony... yer right!

Anonymous,  12:01 pm  

And evidently you get sarcasm anon 9.07 fucking pisshead?

Naapali 2:38 pm  

Lawdy! We are so full of ridiculous, stupid, hyperbolic shit. The logorrhea of the Senator in declaring that this now puts Lagos ahead of cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha would be amusing if it did not sound like he meant it.
Who needs decent airports, good roads, security, power when they have a floating hotel. After all we have it on good assurance that tourists really want to experience MMA and power outages as part of the Out of Africa package.

Anonymous,  3:09 pm  

dr. spin!you are such a shit stirrer! your post implies afiks owns the hotel but the newspaper article to which post is linked tells the truth. it belongs to lagos state and afikuyomi is the tourism minister said to be "elated" by the development and what it holds for tourism in the state or something. haba!

Jeremy 4:05 pm  

@ last anonymous. There was no intention to 'shit stir' as you call it. It is well known that Senator Afikuyomi has been the champion of the floating hotel project, as he well should given his role as Lagos Tourism Commissioner. It is a matter of sweetness and joy that Lagos now can rival Dubai and all the other places with this glittering treasure on the Marina...

Afolabi 8:29 pm  

what if the ship sinks, to irredemable depths, like the Nigcomsat?

Anengiyefa 9:37 pm  

Floating hotel? Is anyone aware that what the hotel is floating in is raw sewage spewed into the lagoon by the millions of litres everyday?

Our seeming inability to put our priorities in the right order is mind boggling...

Anonymous,  10:35 pm  

That's it. Never thought I'd say it but I need to get OUT of this country before I lose my mind completely. N40 billion and the satellite is no good???? A hotel floating on what has got to be the filthiest (not to talk of most toxic) body of water on earth and it puts Nigeria ahead of cities like Dubai and Doha???? Are they for real????? I can't fucking sit still WHAT THE FUCK????? Chai, I don kolo finish!

Coffee Anon,  12:42 am  

Dubai just came to me in tears, sniffling, complaining. Something about being suddenly overtaken by Lagos? It wasn't a pretty sight.

Adaure 10:26 am  

So that's what that boat is.... I have been wondering. Can more money be invested in barges to get peopel and cars across the toxic marina?

CodLiverOil 2:24 am  

Governor Fashola is really working hard for Lagos state and it's people. So if he makes an occasional blunder one can't go overboard about it.

I have a feeling that this floating hotel could be such a blunder.

The hotel despite all its apparent facilities is floating on giant sewer which is Lagos marina. The occupants are little better off than the inhabitants of Maroko. Living above a spewing sludge of untreated human waste, and other rubbish upon which mosquitoes breed. One has to ask is this really the solution?

Had Afikuyomi been drinking when when he made the comment ?

... The obviously elated Senator Afikuyomi said the Yacht hotel would add value to Lagos Tourism sector being one of the very few floating hotels in the world thereby putting Lagos in the league of cities like New York, Barcelona, Paris and Finland and ahead of cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha which are said to be at various stages of setting up similar floating hotels. ...

taken from

Lagos is nowhere in that league more like Mogadishiu, Juba and Goma. Those cities (he referred to) especially Abu Dhabi and Doha, attract people from around the world consistently and or a regular basis to shop and enjoy the cites. In their clean, ordered, safe and well managed cities.

Maybe the owners would do better to sail to Sao Tome where the environment would match the hotel ie clean and pristine, and is relatively safe.

Bayo,  9:48 am  

I am waiting for the picture of the stand by generator that they will need to install to keep the floating hotel powered...common people don't have basic infrastructure needs and we are focused on floating hotel for tourism.

maitumbi 8:55 pm  

I don't know why some of us can not control our bad belle. After a hard day in the city, you can now have dinner aboard a cruiser for just 25000 naira... And I assure you, from afar, the Marina looks wonderful. Just look at the picture Jeremy posted.

I predict that by mid next year, we will have a dozen more floating hotels as other senators start showcasing their "dividends of democrazy"...

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