Thursday, November 06, 2008

Teju Cole on Obama

Gem of a text, here.


Jaja 4:49 pm  

This is absolutely beautiful writing. Isnt it wrong to read it and not that?
The way the it captures ambivalence, and every thing else around it. The sheer power of the 10 minutes when they first learned...
When something speaks to me like this I often feel I have become a better person by just reading it..

Thanks Jeremy for sharing.

Beth 5:18 pm  

Thanks for the link, Jeremy. Teju's piece is terrific and I'm proud to host it.

Anonymous,  7:39 am  

Teju is the essayist of our time. He is our naija James Baldwin!! come home Teju so that you can be the chronicler of our society as you experience and as you see it.

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