Friday, November 28, 2008

Reuben Abati on the horror in Akwa-Ibom



Ms. Catwalq 7:09 pm  

I think it was here that I first saw the short excerpt from the documentary and I literary felt my heart sink....

Religion functions in our country on a foundation of fear and manipulation. I will not be surprised if government officials are unwilling or unable to do anything because they too are participants in this disgusting, horrible activity.
I mean, why has Redeemed never been called to order for causing traffic jam on Lagos/Ibadan expressway? Could it be, oh, could it be because so many "important" leaders go there for "vigils"?
One might argue that murdering children and traffic hold ups are not the same thing....yeah, not really but they both exist because of the average Nigerian's inability or unwillingnness to question the actions of religious institutions.

It is of their definition of christ so I am guessing it must be right...n'est pas?

CodLiverOil 10:41 pm  

This piece is well worth the time it takes to read. His words and thoughts are hard hitting.

He highlighted the one of the most disturbing aspects, the government.

"The weakest link in dealing with this, is government's non-challant attitude. Between 1999-2007, civil society groups campaigned vigorously for the passing of the Child Rights Act across the states and at the National level. The Act was opposed in many of the State Houses of Assembly on the grounds that it contains provisions that are insensitive to the people's culture. And what culture was being referred to? - The freedom to sustain such practices as child--marriage, female circumcision and child labour. It is sad that at a time when other nations of the world are sending their children to schools, offering them welfare support and equipping them for the future, Nigeria is labelling its own children witches and wizards, and dehumanising them. ..."

I do have one question, Mr Abati says

"For their passion and courage, Sam Ituama and Gary Foxcroft's names should be on this year's National Honours list. .."

Why would they want to accept such an "honour" from a society that allows such things to happen? I think they would be more happy if such practice were eradicated for good from Nigeria and the other pockets in sub-Saharan Africa.

Anonymous,  12:47 pm  

Yo nigger, this story dun gone Mainstream!

Well done Jeremy, Ellie, Gary, et al!

Now, let's all make make the effort against child cruelty fly - like 'winch'!!


Ladybrille 8:37 pm  


So not trying to put links on your site. However, Reuben Abati should know the Akwa-Ibom communities and Associations world wide are on it. For starters in the USA, the Akwa-Ibom Assocition, USA which the Governor visited the annual event this year, is now aware and they are employing different tools including direct pressure on the governor to do something about it.

Here is alink to the issue and Petition to be signed. Please feel free to forward to as many as possible.


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