Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Future Makers fundraiser

An interesting fundraiser-cum-charisma/creativity seminar is coming up on Sat 6th December in VI.

Click the flyer to the left for more info.

The project is focused on transforming the lives of Area Boys in Lagos..


Anonymous,  2:18 pm  

"The art & science of instant charisma.".. good genes help too. Nick hubba hubba....
Seriously though, what a commendable project!

plastiQ 2:18 pm  

Let me guess...the event will be filled with snotty, snobbish Lagos socialites with empty promises and absolute disdain for the 'area boys'.

So much for Future Makers. Fundraiser for ghetto kids in a place like Jade Palace? LOL. And it ain't even 1st of April yet.

Anonymous,  2:26 pm  

such cynicism platiQ! Who do you think has the dosh to give? Sorry but his target is rich people with fat wallets, and he aint exactly gonna find them at Mr. Biggs...

Anonymous,  2:27 pm  

also, plastiQ, the rich snobby lag socialites have a lot to gain by helping rehabilitate the Area Boys...

plastiQ 3:34 pm  

@anonymous: let's see how far the money goes.

Anonymous,  7:19 pm  

Give it a Chance.Dont knock it before you try it.

Anonymous,  8:57 pm  

this is unrelated but does anyone out there remember crap pop group in the 80's called Plastique Bertrand? "Pogo, tango, valse, ballet.- plasteeeeeque"

Ama Shorty 11:55 am  

This reminds me of the BET show rom Gs to Gents... Random

A commendable project , i actually did not see this coming (targetting area boys)..it is good to know that someone still cares about their welfare even when society has marked them down as write offs... God does work in mysterious ways

I hope the project is a success.

Anonymous,  7:34 pm  

I just know that in Nigeria we are never short of good ideas. Well, mostly these ideas seem good when they are announced at the start. But then thats all we ever hear, the announcement. Nothing ever seems to come of it in the end. Let us hope that this one will be different. And before anyone shouts at me, this is realism, not cynicism.

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