Friday, November 07, 2008

Uzoma Okere Campaign for Justice..

Dear All,

I was with Uzoma Okere in Alausa yesterday and at the Ministry of Justice thereafter, where we edited the petition to ensure it was explicit about what we want.

But let's not celebrate yet. The battle has just begun.

It ends when justice has been served. And we will keep at these protests until justice is administered on the rating monsters.

If you want to lend your voice to the injustice, please come to 14 Muri Okunola at 12.30p.m on Sunday November 9.

We will be there till 3pm with a video camera to record the faces and voices of incensed Nigerians.

From there we will proceed to University of Lagos where filming will continue at 4pm- 7pm in front of Moremi Hall. Similar filming will take place on Sunday in London, New Jersey and Beijing.

We all have a responsibility for what happened. We permit it by not speaking.We intend to broadcast the footage on local and international television in order to inspire shame in each one of us as individuals and in our government.

We will continue to air the clip on rotation until justice is served. Please spread the word. We look forward to seeing you there on Sunday and please send this to all your friends on facebook.

Ebun Olatoye.

Facebook campaign page is here.


R.E.II™ 8:28 pm  

what is justice? Justice is not what most people think it is, I am afraid. There is no justice. This is the painful truth. There is no perfect life. No need for the noise. There are other ways to do this. Justice will never come when you ask for it.

The Avartsy Poverty Foundation 9:19 pm  

I think what you are doing by holding a rally in her support is absolutely wonderful and you are right by saying that we support it by not speaking about it. The internet has been buzzing with this news and it is absolutely despicable what they did to her...much kudos to whoever it was that recorded it and put it on the internet. I think that with the outrage this has garnered, justice will be served. It HAS to be...My regards to Uzoma, tell her we got her shaking

nneoma 12:27 am  

i think we are starting to see the beginnings of change....wish i could be there...

Kody 7:56 am  

R.E.II™, with no due respect - SHUT THE FUCK UP with your senseless musings. Jeez.

R.E.II™ 12:32 pm  

It seems this may be having some redeeming qualities to all your identifiable readers. Ignorance is bliss!

Ari,  2:45 pm  

I hear you r.e.ii about justice. Please tell us other ways to about t these things. The more strategy we have the better. I really mean what I am saying. There's more than one way to enter a market!!

AustynZOGS 10:47 pm  

Such intimidations and brutalities are a regular occurance in Nigeria and our political office holders are not bothered.I hope this will go a long way to correcting this injustice

Dotun 3:33 pm  

What about those of us who want to lend our voies to the protest, but cant be at the locations you mentioned. Can we post a youtube video protest as well? if so which sites should we send the link to?

Anonymous,  3:36 pm  

I wish I can get to Lagos then as I am on my way from Jos.
I cried all most the whole day when I heard of the bestial and jungle like manner men like Arogundade and his half baked ratings acted.He has reduced not only himself,but the entire family of this village rant.Hope your daughters and wife(s) has not been severely molested by you.They said charity begins at home.
You are a real disgrace to the Naval Force,no wonder you have not been able to find solutions in the Niger Delta..You can only pump your dove chest for a lady.Who even gave you license to drive on convoy self??You and your illiterate rating who leave in dejection,frustration and squalor.You are so lucky that you did it in lagos.Try am for Warri,you dieeee.Now nemesis have caught up with you now,and the karmaic bondage is stirring up in your face,you MUST go.
Uzoma,100 million is for slap,kick,ripping of your clothes??? no way!!ok,for every one of those is 100 million.
Uzoma cheer up and do not agree on unreserved apology,the only apology is that he should come to the same so that we can melt same to him and his daughters.
Colonel Okere,fight till the end.Most Nigerians are saying this is Nigeria...reject that bug.

Anonymous,  10:29 pm  

Strip the beasts of their uniforms and get rid of them. Moreover, send them all to jail and throw away the key. We can't have them on our streets. It could've happened to any of us. I can't believe this is still happening in Nigeria. If they don't have much work to do in Nigeria, send them to Iraq and Afghanistan and put them on the front-line.

Anonymous,  3:34 pm  

If an Admiral in the navy is like this, what do we expect of the illiterates in his convoy. Arogundande is a total disgrace to the navy and should be shown his way out.

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