Friday, November 07, 2008

The Niger Delta Reality TV show...

Taken from yesterday's Vanguard, here. Article pasted below:

To discourage social vices, firm embarks on Reality TV E-mail
Written by Emma Arubi
Thursday, 06 November 2008
THE first ever Niger Delta Reality Television Show intended to pull gifted youths in the region from all manners of social vices is billed to take place in Warri soon.

Management of Matoria International Limited and February 22 in collaboration with Daclin Global Enterprises in charge of the television show told Vanguard that it was part of efforts to channel the energies of the youths of the region not only away from crimes but towards ventures that will help them in future.

According to a statement issued by the Managing Director of Matorial International Limited, Mrs. Maria Ogaga, the entertainment programme is being packaged to inspire, inculcate knowledge, discover, promote and enhance the young musically inclined youths of the region and also divert their attention away from crime.

She disclosed that the Niger Delta Reality Show was also packaged to address the myriads of problems, such as kidnapping, hostage taking, pipeline vandalisation, illegal oil bunkering, robbery and other vices facing the people of the region.

“The Niger Delta Reality TV Show, christened The Niger Delta House is also a synthesised edutainment programme, put together to eradicate poverty, building people into leadership, promoting and preserving diverse cultural heritage as well as fostering peace in the region.

“With all the peace loving governors of the Niger Delta states, this reality tv show will help consolidate a lasting peace in the Niger Delta,” Mrs. Ogaga added.

She disclosed that the first prize winner would go home with a brand new car worth N2 million while the second and third prize winners would go with N1.5 million and N1 million, respectively in a television house programme from where winners and losers would eventually emerge.


Boosh 11:12 am  

Am I missing something here? How can a TV reality show solve the problems Ms. Ogaga suggests it will?

Omena 1:58 pm  

Boosh, thank u. God bless ur soul. Wehn sth is in vogue, it bcomes a moni makin scheme.

Niger Delta Reality Show.

U won't blieve, it is a countefeited version of Gulder Ultimate search - in case u've not seen it -how can that solve our prob?

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