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Helen Ukpabio - saver of souls

Thank the Lord for Helen Ukpabio, freeing the witches of Calabar from demonic bondage. Here.

See also here (interview in a Ghanaian newspaper).

She gives a brief bio on her website:

This is just a brief history of my life. Full story is written in a book titled “THE SEAT OF SATAN EXPOSED”.

I was initiated into Olumba cult at 14 years of age, I was also betrothed to Lucifer as would be wife. This automatically qualifies me to attend a spiritual school for the Royals. I was trained in concepts of mysticism, occultism, spiritism, Satanism, demonism and general cultism. The idea of developing strategies that will aid in keeping activities of the cult alive and seeing more human registering with the occult kingdom is the number one goal of the occult kingdom.

The practice of witchcraft, necromancy, familiar spirits, and other spiritistic activities in order to multiply them thereby causing confusion multiplying wrong altars are Satan’s strategy to help water down the true churches are some of their activities.

Finally, the Lord brought me out in His own time. I was saved, born again, sanctified well taught in the word. I was 14 years when Olumba seized me to work for Satan but at 17 years, the Lord brought me out to His glory.

In 1992, I received a call into full time ministry, this is how Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries was born. The aim being to set the captives free by the gospel. Ever then the Church has grown forward.


Anonymous,  3:05 pm  

I am ashamed that the Nigerian Government could condone the abuse and dehumanising of innocent children by fake and charlatans 'evangelists' such as Helen Ukpabio and her ilks.

Boosh 11:15 am  

I would say something but am afraid of being visited by winshes and "charlatans' evangelists and their ilks..." in the night...

blueileen,  6:14 am  

If Helen Ukpabio really believes in the literal translation of the Bible then one would expect that she would honor the commandments "Thou shalt not kill" and "Suffer the little children to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." She should be condemned by Liberty Gospel Churches everywhere.

Anonymous,  10:00 am  

Stupidity in its rawest form. Idiotic woman. Does she realise what Lucifer is? Bethrothed to him indeed. The blood of those children are on her hands. I don't know which Lord she said saved her but it cannot be the same Almighty God normal people worship.

If the naval ratings had beaten her, they would have been hailed as heroes.

Tom Findale,  11:20 am  

This woman, is why I don't like religion.

Anonymous,  4:27 pm  

She will reap the evil she has sowed

Chioma 4:40 pm  

This woman and everybody like her I needs deliverance. She should deliver herself first because she's obviously the chief witch!

Anonymous,  10:46 pm  

I am utterly repulsed

Chris Garghan,  10:51 pm  

This woman is the epitome of everything I despise about religion. Making money out of the poverty and suffering of others.

Magnus,  11:09 pm  

Helen Ukpabio seems to know a lot about Satan. If he really exists, she will have plenty of time to learn more about him when she goes to Hell

Gods son 11:11 am  


Gods son 11:11 am  


Anonymous,  2:28 pm  

If there is a hell this women will most definately go there, she has the blood of those children on her hands, shame on those who follow her and practise her beliefs its inhumane. My heart goes out to those poor children and I certainly hope she gets what she deserves.

Anonymous,  3:04 pm  

Ukpabio - you are a liar. An evil self obsessed heffer that needs sacrificing. You are nothing but misery and pain to all you claim to 'deliver'You will reap what you sow and rot in hell. The lord has no place for you and your associates. Rot in hell

Anonymous,  3:16 pm  

Helen, yes you are stupidity and evil in its purist form. I didnt believe in satan until now, i look forward to the day you return to hell! Guess what, God has also 'spoken' to me and told me i must exorcise you! Luckily i am not a mental case and your day will come in time, blessed that day! In the mean time, i will 'pray' for brainwashed bloodsoaked soul to return to hell as soon as possible.

Anonymous,  7:58 pm  

Helen ukbabio You are the Satans Daughter!

Anonymous,  8:11 pm  

Helen Ukpabio is a dangerous and deluded woman, preying on people's fears and superstitions. Demonising children and branding them witches is cruelty beyond belief. She has twisted christian beliefs,spouts pure evil and promotes abhorrent practices. I pray the people will disown her and see her for what she is, the biggest witch of all, who is responsible for causing the abuse of their children.

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

If she truely believes in one god, I hope that God sends down the right and just punishment for her, preferably not death, but paralises of the body including speech, maybe she will have time to reflect on all of her evil doings - talk about the work of satan see Helen Ukpabio !!!!

Anonymous,  1:52 am  

I have had a dream. I this dream, Helen floats on a pool of blood and tears. The blood of Jesus flows from his eys, his heart and his hands.

Helen is laughing, and counting money. Loadsamoney.

Helen is bringing fire and brimstone from around the world, onto the heads of the Government of Nigeria. No amount of money will save you Helen, Jesus sees all.

As does the taxman.

Have you declared, Helen?

Tax inspectors are on the way to your Church, to check how much blood stained money is stashed away.

The Nigerian Government do not take lightly to outsiders being called in to criticise them like this.

I'd recant while you can.

Declare all children innocent, and free from stain or sin.

And check which set of books you show the Government Inspector. No one is going to look away for a second Helen, no one. And putting you in prison for tax evasion will be so much simpler than proving you are mentally unstable... honest.

Prison beckons to all who torture and maim children...

Anonymous,  5:53 pm  

I cried to see the suffering of these poor children. While people like Helen Ukpabio and Liberty Gospel Church prey on the vulnerable while they get rich. They are evil themselves and deserve punishment for such crimes.

Anonymous,  7:35 pm  

I am a prophet
Helen Ukpabio is a witch

Anonymous,  7:36 pm  

the evil witch will rot in hell and maybe there will be an end of the wicked but until then she can suck my balls.
dirty witch/bitch

Anonymous,  2:34 am  

What an ugly imitation of humanity this 'woman' is. I watched the sickening scenes of child abuse with total horror, Ukpadio deserves to get all the horror and torture she has caused turned back upon her. I bet her stomach is never empty and that her bed is perfectly comfortable.

I don't believe in heaven and hell, but if anyone deserved damnation it's this evil bitch.

Anonymous,  10:17 am  

What a witch this woman truly is. Using the name of God to promote children being tortured. God will surely deal with her when she dies. All of you who saw that "saving Africa's witches" programme please do whatever you can to help them by going onto stepping stones nigeria :) thanks

Anonymous,  10:22 am  

don't even worry because she was exposed and this merciless wicked witch will go to hell

Anonymous,  3:47 pm  

i could not believe my eyes and ears when i saw the documentary. And then this tramp has the cheek to use my Lord's name to convince others to sacrifice little innocent children. The thing is that she does not understand is that she was not delivered from God, she is still dedicated to Satan, she and others that dabble in the same thing are actually doing witchcraft themselves. I myself would love to meet her to drive 3 inch nail in her skull, throw acid on her and make her sit on fire to see exactly how she would like it. The sad thing is that she really believes that knows God and what he represents. The Devil knows God and he knows Gods word, he can walk amoungst people and say what he wants to brainwash people. The teachings that this women goes around telling people in nigeria needs to be stopped, she needs to be ousted from society and made to wollow in self guilt away from human society.

Helen, when judgement day comes and you have to stand in front the Lord Jesus Christ and answer the question as to why you caused murder and bloodshed in his name, what are you going to say?


Anonymous,  2:01 am  

I watched this programme with my daughter and a friend who was on the other end of the phone. When it ended we all could not stop crying. It was the most horrendous, sad, and shocking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. The brutality to these children is unforgivable and to think that this woman, Helen Ukpabio is a mother herself, is unbelievable. Such callousness, exploitation of the weakest. Why is our government turning a blind eye to all these pastors, the preachers of pain and suffering to our children. Why isn't somebody in authority doing something to stop all these mad, greedy, irresponsible, uncrupulous, corrupt, evil so called, self styled preachers from killing, maiming and abusing our children, why? God help us all.

Anonymous,  8:49 am  

This woman is herself the spawn of the Devil, spreading evil whilst profiting from the suffering of children...evil, just pure evil!!
You yourself will suffer.

Anonymous,  12:31 pm  

Helen. Your another Hitler brought into this world to destory people. I can't believe your using other people's suffering to destroy and make money of them. Using God's name to spread those heartless words of yours.
Trust me lady, your numbers are limited. Soon enough your going to be on death row, just wait and see.
You were getting away with it because noone knew about your evil way. Wait and See, Naija goverment hates it when people other than them gives foreigners a reason to insult their way of governing things. Girl i hope you get tortured like those children were tortured.

SuperTash 2:00 am  

Can anyone think of a charity that might help produce and circulate videos responding to the Liberty Church's videos. A biblical response would probably have the most impact - a response from the bible would be simple enough as none of that woman's teachings are biblical anyway.

Anonymous,  1:25 am  

this women or shud i call her satan it self i messing with the nigerians heads and brain washing them sayin she was once a devil and she was then born agen. she chattin rubbish its not just her tho theres other people brainwashin children to think they are the devil and they are satan or a witch which they are not i was watching a documentry on more 4 and i could not belive my eyes i was in tears just thinkin abut these kids that have been left 2 died, burnt and tortured 2 say they want them say how sad are they really we need 2 help them

Anonymous,  2:38 pm  

Helen Ukpabio - saver of souls.....ha,what a laugh, what world does this women live in! This women doesnt care about abandoned children, all she cares about is her position! and people with that responsibility shudnt be in any position of power where they can abuse that role. This women is pure evil and the films she has made!! how are they supposed to help in any way apart from brain-washing people into thinking these children, some as young as 5! are witches. She puts fear into people to meet her own demands..

Anonymous,  6:31 pm  

All valid comments. But what practical steps can we take to stop this woman. While weare talking children are dying.

Anonymous,  1:08 am  


petagirl,  4:23 pm  

the biggest twat i have ever seen and heard of. if she thinks she smart enough to be this famous preacher and know all the teachings of christ, then why isnt she smart enough to understand the world econmoy?! now i consider myself to be quite stupid, but even i know better then that! i mean come on woman, look around you, nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world where famine, poverty and sanitation issues are strife and are responsible for unfortunate consequences. what a load of shit blaming innocent children. wateva next...accusing monkeys they are the the reincarnation of Elvis Presley?!

Latifa 12:47 pm  

i cannot believe i watched few of her movies when i was 11-12 years old! She over-exerted Christianity! May God forgive her, for she knows not what she's doing...

Anonymous,  4:34 pm  

Everyone needs to sign the petition

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

This is the main petition:

And join the Facebook 'Help the "child witches" of Nigeria' group here:

Nearly 14,000 people have already joined. Show your support in numbers, and invite your friends. When they have 20,000 people they'll not be able to ignore such a large group.

Have a look on the Facebook discussion boards for other ways to show your support, such as emailing Helen Ukpabio's website host to tell them she's inciting child abuse and the government of Nigeria repectfully asking them to put an end to this, and Desmond Tutu to ask for his help.

Please, take 10 minutes out of your life to do some small things like this.

Those kids need us to.

Anonymous,  10:52 pm  

thank the lord for helen ukpabio my arse!she is the most disgusting woman i have ever can we stop her and the things she is filling these peoples heads with.

Anonymous,  4:42 pm  

how dare you use the name of our Lord to do evil. ukpabio needs serious deliverance, tuely THIS IS THE END OF HER WICKED!!! BIG who initiated u to "olumba" cult? this woman is THE BIGGEST LIAR ive ever known. you lied against brotherhood, any wonder your wicked activities is now a glodal concern. certainly the blood of those innocence ones a in ur dirty hands. truely u a disgrace to humanity

Anonymous,  5:16 am  

Nigeria, hang your head in shame. 2 weeks after the broadcast and all that has been suggested is to set up a "committee" to look at the "Pastors"!!!!!!!!

Let all throw up our hands and cry out loud and post on forum like facebook. Fecks sake!!! SCREAM at the bent government that enough is enough!!!!!!!

Anka 5:50 pm  

Oh please,give me a break..she was bethroted to Satan..indeed!!In Nigeria,many people begin a ministry to build up their bank accounts.How did Jesus,Paul,Peter,etc live?Did they charge money for deliverance?You want proof?Well,look into helen's life before she went into ministry,look how she's living now.I hope the nigerian govt is shamed by the negative publicity,they deserve it...but,they have bigger fish to fry,oil money...This lady should be jailed...Pastors monitored..few of them even really know the bible...They all bring shame to God's name...I pray this abuse on kids stops somehow...

Anonymous,  3:22 pm  

What evidence do we have that Helen tortures children or promotes the torture of children? Is it her films, message or deliverance sessions? If it is her films, could she be the first to produce films where children acted as witches? If it is her message, can anyone produce proofs that she preaches that children witches should be abused, tortured or maltreated? If it is her deliverance sessions, can anyone provide clips of she torturing children during her deliverance sessions or at least one such child who can testify of being abused or malhandled by her? PROF ID

Anonymous,  5:25 am  

It is only fools that talk in things they nothing about. If you should check the lives of some of those posting these comments about this lady(Helen U), you'll find out they are not even christian not to even mention their high degree of ignorance when it comes to spiritual things. I don't mean to be rude, but y'all who are posting these ridiculous comments about this lady just need to shut up a get a gum to chew on. Because clearly, the highest level of stupidity and ignorance is when you get people talking in things they know nothing about. just SHUT UP and get a gum to chew on so you can get your mouth busy. Talking is free so what do you espect?

Sunny Brown,  9:35 pm  

Evangelist Mrs. Helen Ukpabio is a great woman of God who God uses to bless the lives of many including myself through her ministrations, deliverance session... Satan the Devil is using its human agents to blaspheme and spoil the handwork of God manifesting through his servants including Evangelist Helen Ukpabio. In all this devilish propaganda against her, there is no prove that she is actually killing innocent children. During her deliverance session, she only prays for those that are witches and wizards, and that all! and they got delivered. Christ Jesus has power to deliver! stop spreading evil news against God's servant. God bless you as you obey.

Anonymous,  11:09 pm  

helen ukpabio should die a painful death

Anonymous,  7:35 am  

Gawd I don't beleive some morons are out hear, sympathyzing with that fat, bloated, hypocritical Cow, Helen Ukpabio. She is basically the worst nigeria has to offer.

hugman95 2:06 pm  

I feel sorry for the children involved in the making of her movies and I feel a deep sympathy for the innocent children that die because of ignorance. There's not really any way to drag superstition out of superstitious people. I just hope their government cracks down on things. I hope Helen Ukpabio is suddenly struck with the love of jesus and starts acting like a christian.

Anonymous,  6:49 pm  

Helen Ukpabio you are a evil little b1tch killing innocent children????? how would u feel if u were accused?????? get a life

Anonymous,  12:45 pm  

Helen Ukpabio - you are NOTHING. You are an insignificant NOTHING. Your soul is dead. And you know what happens to dead souls, don't you? You should know, since you claim to be an expert on the Christian Bible!!! Ha!!!! YOU WILL ROT IN HELL WITH YOUR HUSBAND SATAN OF COURSE!!! God bless all the innocent children of Nigeria whom you have branded as witches, and what of the thousands of dead children? Their lives will not be for nothing - they are raised up to heaven with the angels. I hope you die an agonising death very soon, you BIG FAT UGLY BITCH FROM HELL. Or else watch your back....

Anonymous,  1:20 am  

Not sure how old these posts are, I only just learned about this woman.
I am a daughter of a Pentecostal priest, now in my fiftys, I too, as a child, went through beatings and chanting, not for witch craft but to drive deamons out of me.
Do you have any idea what it is like for a child to go to sleep at night, with the knowledge that you may die during the night and burn in hell forever.
This is the teaching of this Pentecostal Cult. It is total FEAR control. There is no compassion or love.
This Satan calling her self Helen Ukpabio is part of this same Pentecostal cult. Yes it is a cult. How many years have Christians gotten away with murder.
Please people wake up ! This is 2009 and children are still being tortured and murdered for witch craft.
Any scam i have ever received has come from Nigeria, she is just one more. People power can change things.
'I am, and we are one'

Anonymous,  3:13 am  

To be very candid I am an Akwa Ibomite, I have a son that had just confessed to my friend that he is a witch. When my friend informed me I ask the boy secretly since I do not want people around me to know about it and he confirms. Everything he told me tally with the movie End of the wicked. I reached this site and others sites on account of looking for solution to this problem via internet which I do not want people around me to know about. I swear with my life I am saying the truth. I will appreciate an advice.

Anonymous,  8:57 am  

This was the first time i ever cried at TV in my life. She is one evil person.

I dont understand how people can let her walk around after what she has done to so many children.

"She should be shot"

Even thats to good for her.

I just hope that Nigeria sorts its self out soon to save the innocent!!!

Anonymous,  10:00 pm  

This is absolutaly awful i cannot belive this woman is still alive she needs do be killed or at least imprisioned for the ammount of people and poor innocent children she has killed with her 'amazing knowledge'about witch craft she must no soo much about satan she will enjoy meeting him when she burns in hell.
JESUS does not want her or anyone to do this i dont understand ware in the bible it teaches this??????????????????????????
what about the comandments??? obviously to her god they dont apply. sick.

Anonymous,  11:03 pm  

evil! evil! may you rot on hell!(if there is such a place)

Anonymous,  11:28 pm  


Anonymous,  1:17 pm  

There are two petitions I've found concerning this evil woman and her organisation.

Please, please, please visit this site and sign up to both petitions.

One is to support the 'Prevent Abandonment of Children Today (PACT) campaign' the other is to get the Nigerian government to do something directly about this woman.




Anonymous,  12:09 am  

This is sick and way to stupid! I wish i could do more and let her face justice myself, the hard way.....

Anonymous,  5:43 am  

Jezus died for all people for free, he didnt ask for money, the only thing He ask, is believe in HIM!

How many money does Helen have taken from the people? Without she can give the same as Jezus did.

Helen i ask you to think if you realy believe. If the things you do are the reason for parents and family to kill their children.
Is that not a reason to stop what you are doing. And isnt it blood money you earn?

Jezus died and stand up the third day for ALL human. He said let the children come to me.
Every child that become killed for your reasons Helen, you kill Jezus again and again. Is that the gosple you wanna preach? God is love for all human. What do you want to say to God when you are going to die?

Look God, i dont have blood on my fingers, no the parents did, i cant help i tried the best to do?

Helen, people are doing what you are preaching, i'm sure God will ask you, Helen what is the reason why these children are being killed. Children I made, I create them like me, only thing I know that it is the Devil that want to destroy MY things, Are you the Devil?

Think Helen!!!!

Gerrit Reijnders

Anonymous,  12:01 pm  

Helen ukpabio you're evil and bad and how dare!Of thereis à god i don't understand than that hè let you do these evil things you're à stupid and horrible person and primitive an animal,you are an animal not à human, and you've to stop,you've destroit so Many lives look in THE mirror than you see à real monster.

Johan 1:08 pm  

What a wicked women!I was realy shocked after watching the television.(Saving Africa's witch children)Give that woman a broomstick and lock her up together with those priests who didn't understand as well the meaning off the bible.

Anonymous,  1:12 pm  

That women who calls her self Helen Ukpabiomust be slaughtered. All those innocent children she harmed! I'm realy appoled!

Johan 1:19 pm  

That woman who calls her self Helen must belocked up in an mental house together with those "priests". Mabey the wicked woman can have a broomstick instead of an bible. The damage she caused among those little children is terrible.

Anonymous,  7:30 pm  

Your an stupid not knowing african woman Helen. Look outside your little box. If one day we meet, i will show you. You are the best example of stupity.

Anonymous,  7:33 pm  

She should repent and read her Bible!!!!!!

Anonymous,  3:41 am  

Helen, you will me made to answer for your crimes.

Anonymous,  6:51 am  

The first thing i need to say is that I read your life story and i think that you are a devil in disguise! Since you claim that you believe in God, then why are you taking it upon your self to abuse children and their families. You think God is happy about your claim of being his child, NOT...You need to really ask God for forgiveness for your actions and the actions of your people who are involed in this , Trust and believe that God will send his wrath on you and your evil teammates.Did you not know that God says you have to be as little children to enter into his heavenly kingdom. I could say a lot of evil things to you, but I am not all i can do is pray for you that you will be delivered from your witchcraft.When God returns I hope you are not still doing what you are doing because when you see him you will say "My God but I have prophesied in your name and healed in your name and he will say turn away HELEN for your name is not written in the book of life.....Get your mind heart and spirit right before God before its too late. LEAVE THOSE CHILDREN ALONE, IN THE NAME OF YAH!!Remember God is looking for true worshipers and a church without spot or wrinkle and I must say that your church needs to be sterilized and steamed in the name of Yah. You can run from God but you can't hide!! Chill out lady before you and your so called christian buddies get a oneway ticket to a place where it is hot hot hot, gnashing of teeth and screams from pain and torture for eternity....Snap out of it, YOU Demons for even the demons have to bow down to God, I can't wait until the day he returns so all those wicked tricks yall pulling will be DONE!!MAY GOD HAVE MERCY N YOU AND YOUR CHURCH AND FAMILY!!

Anonymous,  12:11 pm  

This is so sick! People like Helen Ukpabio are "stoneage people", and it´s desturbing things like her "work of god" can find place in 2010... In my opinion (and the rest of the Europe) it´s more like "the work of satan" she´s doing... And i hope she someday will pay for all the evil she has spawned in this world... May god have mercy on her corupted soul, but i don´t think he will... I think and hope he´ll make her burn in hell!!!

Anonymous,  11:04 pm  

This woman make me sick and the man in that tv show saying he wants to kill that little girl makes me sick. there is no such thing as witches and for them to believe these pastors that there is, is absolutly disgusting and wrong on every level.Its not the children that should be punished and killed as they are not witches its people such as helen ukpabio that should be tourtued to death. That woman does not deserve the right to live.

Anonymous,  2:44 pm  

The only thougt wat helps me is that one day, she have to pay for it

Anonymous,  11:47 pm  

I hope she'll die being tortured for days and days and see faces of those she made suffer for her selfish reasons. Middle age seems more educated than her and people living around her nowadays. She'll be sucking c..ks in Hell if lucky!!!

Anonymous,  8:08 pm  

Extreme as this may seem to some people, I believe that this evil woman should be stopped NOW before she destroys more innocent lives. The Nigerian Government is too corrupt to put a stop to her filth. Someone should do humanity a favour and put an end to her psychopathic existence.

shawn 11:24 pm  

I hope .. not only hope ... but KNOW you will BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!

shawn 11:25 pm  

I dont only hope .. but KNOW after what I have watched and know of you, and what you have done to innocent children .. THAT YOU BURN IN HELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  5:57 pm  

This woman is capitalizing on her countries inability to properly educate their people and pass laws to protect them from those who profit from hurting and controlling others. These people have no control over their poverty so they will believe anyone who can provide an answer to their misfortune even when it means abusing and murdering their own children. This lady is representing religion in it's original and most prevalent intent which is to; gain money and power by controlling others beliefs and actions through false allegations.
I hope she finds her own hell very soon.

Anonymous,  5:59 pm  

This woman is capitalizing on her countries inability to properly educate their people and pass laws to protect them from those who profit from hurting and controlling others. These people have no control over their poverty so they will believe anyone who can provide an answer to their misfortune even when it means abusing and murdering their own children. This lady is representing religion in it's original and most prevalent intent which is to; gain money and power by controlling others beliefs and actions through false allegations.
I hope she finds her own hell very soon.

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