Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those days we remember

My sister-in-law Folake celebrated her call-to-bar today. Mama Bidemi flew up from Lagos, as did Pa Erogbogbo and various other family members. It was lovely to have them round. Champagne was poured as libation, and as secular lubricant.

Congrats Folake. May you mark out your place in the world, and who knows, become a SAN one day..


Anonymous,  11:21 pm  

why would you wish such a bad thing on her. Didnt you say being a lawyer was a fathead ( was that the word?) job?

Anonymous,  7:11 am  

Jeremy, becoming a SAN is not easy o: has she many Ghana-Must-Gos, stuffed full of cash?

Anonymous,  10:56 am  

J, where is your picture and your wife's. Congrats to Folake and may she become a SAN one day!

Anonymous,  3:44 pm  

Dont mind them ojare! A big congratulations to you all....

Anonymous,  8:08 pm  

sweet post..the unintentional side to you that shows sometimes, in spite of you.

Naapali 1:38 am  

Why all the anons?

Congrats to the SIL and family. I wish that her qualifications improve her and the world she lives in.

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