Friday, November 21, 2008

The politician's phone

The following text messages are a sample received on a friend's phone (a member of the National Assembly) in the past few days. Sometimes we forget to consider the social pressures people in public office face from 'family' members, and how this tends to reinforce structures of complicity:

1. Honourable sir, pls. assist me with the sum of N18,000.00 to balance my house rent. My landlord made it clear to me 7 years ago when I was moving in that he usually buy his Sallah ram with the rent of that flat and I have never defaulted in payment since 2001. Meanwhile, my rent is due by January 2009 but this Ileya is 9th Dec, 2008. Sir, my landlord is a kind old man in his early 80’s, till date I’m still paying N36,000.00 while similar apartment goes for N70,000.00 inside the crescent. In as much as I appreciate the old man I cannot afford to lose the house. Uncle xx, help me out. May Allah make your tenure in the House a more successful and profitable one, to the constituency, Sir.

2. Good day my bro pls I neer ur assistant 4 my children school fee pls is 50 thousand eny amout u can aford pls thanks.

3. Good day Hon, how are u & d family I hope everybody is okay if so thanks 2 God 4 his mercy. Hon I want 2 please beg u with regards 2 dis 2008 Eid il Kabir Sallah Ram. Please my Hon help me o. As God will continue His blessing on u and all d family Amen.

4. My hon hope you have not forgetting me, for my new baby girl. GOD BLESS YOU AS SENATOR IS WAITING FOR YOU.

5. Good evening sir. Sir, U can elivate me by assisting me getting my own barber’s shop. And I know uve too much at hand and I also know that ALLAH will appreciate and bless u for any assistance u give to me. Thanks.

6. Dear honourable it is still your cosin. Pls hon if you can help this blood relation of yours I will be the happiest person on earth. Pls dear am begging you with the name of almight allah and with the name of your dad my late uncle xx and the name of our four father pls am suffering in silent I need some fincial assitan from you to add to the lettel money I use for buying srab hon pts what ever you can assist me with I will apriseat it you can sent it through mr xx your sec while expecting your respond I remain sincere thanks yours…


dapxin 2:29 pm  

g-in, first thoughts...

but I dey come sha.

Kike,  4:14 pm  

This post leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. I'll be back when I've gathered my thoughts.

Chxta 8:33 am  

I think I've mentioned that to you before as one of the causes of our issues?

Anonymous,  3:07 pm  

No we know some of the huge pressures politicians are under on a daily basis.

My uncle was a perm sec for years and till today his relatives still taunt him for not 'eating'. He refused to take bribe or give it out. He was hugely disliked by all including his children because he refused to participate in the chopping. Now, he live modestly in the village on his pension. He however said if he was to start all over again, he would chop 'cause no one respect a penniless man.

Anonymous,  2:51 pm  

naija for you. my dad ( a politician) has given over 100 rams and people are still flocking to my house for it. rice, beans and other items are also requested and must be given.

this does not include the over hundred people who came to eat here yesterday after the eid prayer. ( Plus this year, there were less people due to the arafat confusion)

a woman I know, PA to one of the gov wives received over 20 calls on the ram giving business.

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