Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Eko Atlantic City..

The massive land reclamation project known as Eko Atlantic City goes public, here. The MD of the development, David Frame, describes the city (which will be one and half times bigger than Victoria Island) as the 'Dubai of Africa'.

He might want to put a raincheck on this comparison in future statements, given that the Dubai property boom has now collapsed.


R.E.II 11:04 am  

very interesting...that post down there!

ababoypart2 1:24 pm  

Good idea...Always late to the party (Nigeria)

Anonymous,  7:59 pm  

does anybody know how much it's going to cost do all this?? if it's going to provide housing for only 250,000 and create 500,000 jobs, is it really worth it??

Hercules Anderson 7:53 am  

ababoypart2 said...

"Good idea...Always late to the party (Nigeria)"

Why is it that in the face of such overwhelming positivity, our people always find a way to focus on the negative??


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