Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ed Kashi on the Niger Delta

Great audio-commentary to his photographs of life in the Niger Delta, here. Thanks ES for the link.


Derin!!! 1:16 pm  

I was unable to listen to the audio recording.If the pictures I saw in Ed Kashi's book co-written with Michael Watts are anything to go by the audio would be worth listening to. The Niger-delta region has been neglected long enough and positive action is necessary to turn things around.

kokoewa,  11:25 pm  

This is Nigeria's Darfur/Rwanda. And yet, everbody looks the other way. How sad.

Anengiyefa 6:22 pm  

Rhetoric and more rhetoric. This seems to be the only reaction of the world to the tragedy unfolding in the Niger Delta. The Nigerian Government continues to drag its feet, and the political elite among the people of the Delta are themselves concerned only for their own immediate personal gain.

As a person of the Delta myself, I think it is lamentable that we continue to demonstrate a lack of foresight in Nigeria and care so little for the lot of future generations. One feels so powerless, because, save for the militants who are causing disruption, (many of whose motives are doubtful anyway), there seem to be very few right thinking people, even amongst the people of the Delta themselves.

And because I will not join the militants, I can only just sit on the sidelines, sigh heavily and wring my hands in frustration.

Anengiyefa 6:02 pm  
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