Monday, November 03, 2008

BHF Magazine

Click here if you've not checked it before. Excellent contemporary African photography, fashion and editorial.


Anonymous,  2:01 pm  

why african? problem with black people...what is african? This is silly and stupid...

ababoypart2 3:50 pm  

Looks good, not sure of "A new breed of africans....." As if there is something wrong with the old breed....maybe there was!

Anonymous,  5:51 pm  

Are you for real....??
you must be White..ignorant..and racist..

Anonymous,  7:28 pm  

labels, labels and labels ... not good...its an annoying label

Anonymous,  7:36 pm  

Very Impressive!

last I checked every magazine or publication has a may not like the name or the concept of this one but its very well done.

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