Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Steve Bell classic..

In the Guardian today here.

Meanwhile, Maurice Iwu has faulted the US election, and suggested that America could learn a thing or two from the way Nigeria conducts its elections. Here.

Who was it who denied the existence of parallel universes?


R.E.II™ 9:09 pm  

Your blog is addictive and I am back. You are trying to kill your readers with laughter? Maurice Iwu comes across as a professor of contradictions and quantum mechanics? One whose mind and brain may have collided.

Anonymous,  1:15 am  

For those that do not know about the US political process, here is a quick and dirty primer.

Americans have to register to vote, no two ways about it. There are deadlines for each election and if you have not registered by a particular deadline, you can not vote in corresponding election. When they show up to the polls to vote, a government issued ID must be shown. The name is checked with voter registration records (which have been verified prior) and only then is the person allowed to vote.

Elections are held within one day. Mr. Iwu was probably confusing the primaries with the presidential election. In the primaries, citizens vote for candidates in the party that they are registered in. For example, if you are registered as a Democrat, during the primaries you can vote for whom you want as your democratic candidate. This is where Democrats chose Obama over Hillary before the showdown with McCain.

The primaries are held months before the actual election and those are not all on one day. Different states have different dates for their primary elections.

The fact that Mr. Iwu will speak so openly to the press about a subject he knows almost nothing about is shocking. That our INEC chairman has not familiarized himself with the political process of the US, one of the first and the longest democracies on earth, speaks volumes. I want to know what qualifications got him his job.

Anonymous,  5:21 am  

I'm really surprised that for all your comments about being open minded and color blind, you haven't made a congratulatory post about the election of a black person to the most powerful position on this planet - President of the USA. Why is that? Is that because you are unhappy with this fact? I suppose the very most you could do was post a stupid cartoon and think you're terribly funny when you aren't.

I'm not surprised really. Even though I think your attitude is pathethic

Bunmmy 6:53 am  

am having a laff......

Anonymous,  7:51 am  

Why bother to post a congratulatory post when the whole world is planly doing so? I don't see how not doing so is a reflection of his unhappiness with the fact. If you have been following this guy's blog, you will know that to post a congratulatory is post will definitely be of brand/out of character. I beg Jeremy, it will be nice if you stay clear away from discussing Obama victory. I need respite from it all. Every where you turn that is the only game in town and yet a woman was beaten up in Lagos the other day and we are celebrating some history in the make. Let people that want to celebrate continue with their celebration. But please don't circum and feel you have to write a congraulatory post. We know that history has been made what more can be said about that. No doubt in the future when you start critiquing Obama, people are going to say you didn't congraulate him and they always new you are racist. So be prepared for that.

Anonymous,  9:13 am  

That chap is a delusional, psycho-one-thing-or-the-other-or-more.

R.E.II™ 9:50 am  

I have followed the election with passion although a little bit repulsed by the references to being the first Black American president. What does that mean? Skin colour only matters when people make it matter. I hope the media and other idiots will stop making it matter.

Nuggetzman 10:32 am  

Iwu denies condemning polls
From Kelechi Okoronkwo, Abuja

BARELY 48 hours after Barack Obama's election as the 44rh President of the United States (U.S.), Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Maurice Iwu has said that Nigeria can gain a lot from the American electoral system, which defied the powers of racism and incumbency to produce Obama.

In a statement yesterday in Abuja by the INEC's Director of Publicity, Segun Adeogun, Iwu denied having condemned the U.S. electoral process. He added that while Nigeria "has a lot to learn from the U.S, Americans can also learn from Nigeria's experience, especially in the areas of keeping of national voters' register and holding presidential election in one day".

The statement reads: "The attention of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been drawn to media reports purportedly quoting the INEC Chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu, as saying that Nigeria's electoral system is better than that of the United States...

"We wish to state that at no time did the INEC Chairman condemn the U.S. electoral system. In his brief interaction with State House correspondents, he (Iwu) acknowledged that while Nigeria has a lot to learn from the U.S., Americans can also learn from Nigeria's experience in the areas of keeping of national voters' register and holding presidential election in one day".

Mike,  1:53 pm  

@anonymous 5:21

Surely if one is a racist (as you have implied Jeremy is) then the colour of the president should be irrelevent so why celebrate it? Is not celebration of a black president only valid up to the point that it shows that race relations have progressed. After that the reality is that his colour shouldn't matter so there is nothing to celebrate - unless of course you are a racist yourself?

me,  2:18 pm  

Parallel universes are VERY REAL. BEWARE.........LOL........

Mr C 8:05 pm  

That was a very dull statement. I really don't know the indices he used in that measurement.

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