Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Petition against Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries

The petition site is here.

The facebook campaign page is here - nearly 14,000 members already.


Anonymous,  8:02 am  


Here's an assignment for you; look into the cost/rights issues of getting the C4 documentary shown on Nigerian TV.

Get to it, bruv.


maitumbi 1:41 pm  

She ( the exorcist)had an interview in the papers last week. As vfar as I can see, she still dey kampey

Anonymous,  7:26 pm  

@maitumbi, hehehe, she is using her mystical powers to resist all forces that oppose her. She is binding and casting out all those demons that are spoiling her name and castigating her.

This woman na devul. The winsh wey she carry for head, e no get equal o!

Anonymous,  11:56 pm  

I am at work and I viewd the video on the petition website. It was just too much for me. I am crying at work and people probably think I am crazy. Sometimes I think Nigeria is cursed. How can people be that ignorant and devoid of compassion. Ignorance is a curse. There is no other way to look at it. If foreigners can get this much information you know that more than this is happening. I believe there is a God and that is why Nigeria is the way it is. You cannot have such disregard for human lives and wickedness and think that there will be no consequences. The blood of those children will cry out to God and God will listen and he is listening. The Bible they are quoting says that anyone who harms children should have a millstone tied around their neck and they should be drowned. I feel so bitter about this. The only things children should have to do is worry about what games they will play with their friends tomorrow or if mommy will cook their favorite meals not if they will be tortured or murdered. What a disgrace.

Mike,  8:29 pm  

@anonymous: 'The Bible they are quoting says that anyone who harms children should have a millstone tied around their neck and they should be drowned.' - kind of contradicts Jesus' message of turning the other cheek.

Best to leave god out of it 'cos:
1. he doesn't exist
2. and in the extreme likelihood that he does and is as you say watching then why is he so sick as to just watch?
3. they are doing all of this in his name.

Its the failure of the Federal Goverment to protect its citizens that should be looked at. Just like they fail to enforce the laws to protect the environment. Its all very well blaming religions and commercial enterprises but most of the necessary laws are in place to protect the people only the Government doesn't act.


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