Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Big Wednesday

I scanned a load of photos of my former lives when I was back home recently. Here's one from when I was a member of The Big Wednesday. I was 18, it was 1987. We were inspired by Everything But The Girl, and spun a nice line in smooth souly-folky-jazz. See me wearing my made-to-measure double-breasted suit from Next. Immediately behind me is Dave Powell, the 'face of Stafford' (how provincial that sounds nowadays). Behind him is my long-lost friend Lee.


bk,  12:17 pm  

What a pretty boy!

Bitchy 1:13 pm  

You were 18 in this picture? You know... I think I prefer the flat top thing?

Lolita 1:27 pm  

You were quite the cutie; your kids with your iyawo will be some beautiful, tall kids :)

Idemili 5:49 pm  

You're 38?!!! How do you pull off looking...well...NOT 38?

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