Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OBJ and ATIKU clash: whose fetish is stronger?

Hilarious stuff. Thanks to PK for the link.


ababoypart2 12:27 pm  

It has to be OBJ’s. This is a man who suggested in the darker days of apartheid that we should use ‘juju’ to change the system there. The Balogun of Owo is a ‘tough’ man…LOL

The Pseudo-Independent 12:51 pm  

Shows the world the times we are living in Nigeria: Ever heard of the The 1562 Elizabethan Witchcraft Act?. These clowns are deeply silly. Who will take Nigeria seriously with these kind of leaders.

We may need to enact laws to deal with any and every person(s) pretending to undertake to tell fortunes and exercise or use any kind of witchcraft, whereby ignorant persons are frequently deluded and defrauded. Imagine how many mothers are deceived and defrauded on a daily basis, if the leaders can be this deluded. Like "some" (not all) Nigerian churches this is just another fraudulent industry. Damn!

MsMak,  1:23 pm  

Gosh, OBJ can be sooo razz sometimes. Sheesh!

Anonymous,  2:04 pm  

What actually gets me is the way our religious and cutural traditions are mocked to be some sort of joke when at the same time you hold up on a mountain the traditions and religions brought to you by those who enslaved at first, olonize after and now exploit through corruption and the use of multinational oil companies!!

In the end both our president and vice president need to re-evaluate their thinking (like it would make a differrence!) ...

In the end we are at fault for allowing ourselves to be ruled by the dumbest section of our society and then asking why they act dumb!!

The Pseudo-Independent 3:54 pm  

This is to anonymous,

I think it is only those of us that are hiding or who choose to remain invisible that can be ruled by the "dumbest section of our society"! So dumb they are unable to see the ambivalence of it all. If you look at it, for each so called religion of today (Humanism , Ifa, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, xism, yism etc) gets a part of the traditions and religions of others all mixed and pounded into the other like pounded yam? Traditional is in the way of ancestors! And if you think of it like this that there are so many ancestors and so "many ways" they did things, traditional would just come down to meaning your way. This is my personal opinion to which am entitled. The British were once gullible during the Elizabethan era, at which time they too believed in juju – call it occult if you like. But laws were enforced to put that right. So is it ignorance of the law that has now become the excuse of our leaders who think there exists something called juju or occult? It’s only in your mind if you believe in it - anything.

Anonymous you are so hilarious.

Anonymous,  12:06 pm  

the pseudo-independent

I merely meant to highlight the fact that we do not believe in our own religions but yet take up others, why do you think this is? Religion is about faith and our current faith started with foreigners re-educating us with a bible in one hand and a gun in another. Why should i not be able to look back to what my ancestors have believed and hold it up with pride! Is it the science of it? Can you prove Christianity or Islam or whatever is right any more than you can prove our local "gods" are right?

WHo knows in the end!

And with regards to Nigria being ruled by the dumbest it is just fact! How many graduates have ruled the country? 0 (till May 29th) How many of them are good orators (0) how many of them have the slightest notion of monetary and fiscal policy (0)How may of them even have morals or principles (0)....Then we wonder why in a coutnry where we produce 1/8th of the worlds most valuable product cannot keep its own electricity on!!

The fact that they believe in the occult does not mean they are stupid it means for me in my eyes we are stupid for letting them rule, Nigeria I believe is due for a revolution which has to be lead by the educated section of the population!!

"If you vote in criminals expect theft!!"

Hilarious or not!


The Pseudo-Independent 11:45 am  

thank you
"a bible in one hand and a gun in another"

my friend, just like naijablog, i believe we are all saying the same things but differently. but like you said who knows in the end! like i said that is a way...there are and could be many ways i.e. capitalism/ism's in one hand and nuclear warheads in the other...

this will be the title of my next post, soon

but, i differ a bit on the issue of theft, which will continue to manifest until we can get rid of greedy contractors (parasites) like these? even the recently passed public procurement act, i do not see how that will protect us from defaulters or those who will provide mediocre infrastructure...will the enforcers be able to resist the temptation those guys may offer? 50 years after the beginning of the independence era, our prospects are bleaker than ever

ps: found the links on omosewas blog

Anonymous,  11:51 am  

Yo are ver right on the inadequate infrastructure, When yo think about companies like Chagoury Chagoury which is like a competitor to Julius Berger in Naij, they have been responsible for a lot of the drama in the Niger Delta...they bribe government officials to give them contracts, go to Niger Delta bribe some Governors, don't build schools or resettlement housing , take that money come to London and live like kings...EFCC arrested ther "HEAD" of the company locked him up until they paid some 100s of millions back to the government and this was for just one deal which they were supposed to construct instead obviously bribed a governor or official somewhere and took the balance home!! It is different if it is the western world coming to Nigeria and trying to use our heads which they do but they have to abide by equator principles, coporate governance etc,

There is a need for control and actual governance in our country, the amount of money that is leaked form our economy is unbelievable, i believe apart from the local content requirememnts, there should be tougher controls on whoowns companies and even tougher sentences to the ones just proposed, imagin as harsh as it sounds 30 years for fraud worth over $1000 and life when you hit $500,000. Similar with corruption! Maybe this is the only language our people will understand, if there is no control the remaining dveloping world will keep flooding in and paying the members fee (bribe) to loot our birth rights!!

Still Anonymous Olu

Morountodun 11:52 am  

"Mr Abubakar ran in last month's presidential elections as an opposition candidate, despite spirited efforts by Mr Obasanjo to stop him"

Kola,  9:56 pm  

I agree with Olu. Lets not join those who mock our traditional religions. Although I would pray for those who follow them to come to Jesus, the educated person in me rises up in anger at the assumption that because the religions are our traditional ones they are by definition backward or not worthy of being respected like any other religion. Reject them (yes, thats the christian in me, you can add buddhism, hinduism etc to that list)....insult them no! To insult our traditional religions is only to accept the closet ridicule of our history and our culture and all that we hold dear.

Having said that I do not think this is the problem here. As has been indicated, the fact that political discourse has been reduced to the level of threatening through deities and spirituality is shocking and embarassing and we deserve any insults that come our way for that one.

I'll be praying that we get leaders with the common sense to divorce their political rhetoric from their spiritual pursuits. If for no reason other than the fact that 140 million of us are pursuing ours in a serious number of different directions!

Anonymous,  2:58 pm  

for Olu...

Excellently stated, if 10% of our country had the understanding of you we would be living in a better Nigeria!

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