Monday, May 14, 2007

Kosibah Creations

High summer is on its way. Time to stock up on the Pimms and strawbs. You might as well get married as well. Perhaps you should seek assistance from London-based Yemi Osunkoya, of Kosibah Creations, for your dress. Doesn't she look lovely?


ababoypart2 12:17 pm  

She surely does..

Anonymous,  2:57 pm  

seeing this guys designs i want to get married all over again. I hope more Nigerians use this designer. I love his work.

Dimples 3:08 pm  

Yeah Kosibah has some FAB stuff...Yemi Osunkoya is
doing Naija proud...yup Abike is a hottie anytime any day...well done hun...looking BEAUTIFUL has usual.


Kosibah really is a fab guy, i modelled for him at some point in my rather short modeeling career, but u do know theres a rumour that he's gay??? i digress!!!! his clothes realy do make u feel sexy though, nips and tucks in all d right places

Anonymous,  4:30 pm  

what has his sexuality got to do with his fab creations? Anyway ain't all the best gay anyway?

Anonymous,  5:11 pm  

36 you are such a delighful gbeborun. But i agree with annonymous 2 sha, sheybi the oyinbo ones are and no one minds...

goke,  6:08 pm  

She looks lovely...

Anonymous,  6:11 am  

never heard of this guy, but e'jo these designs are just too lovely. I hope he goes places. He sounds like he already is. j thanks for bringing him to my attention. will definitely consider him when I am old enough to get married. i hope he is still around then. They really really nice.

Idemili 5:55 pm  

I might just buy a dress and to hell with the groom.

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