Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Suzanne Wenger

We went to see Suzanne Wenger at her house in Osogbo. Suzanne has, over the past 50 years, restored the Sacred Forest and preserved it against predatory proposals to build all over it. Originally from Austria (she was married to Ulli Beier), Suzanne is nearly 93 and still working as an artist. She is the iya of Osogbo, and reverred throughout Yorubaland. We spent nearly an hour with her. Her answers were simple and steeped in humility. Truly a remarkable woman.


Waffarian 10:19 pm  

To show such commitment? I salute her!

Akin 11:35 pm  

Gosh! Àdùnní Olóóshà is still about - Bless her.

Anonymous,  12:54 am  

all i have for people like her, like you is just pure gratitude.

ifastudent 5:30 am  

She is too much!

ifastudent 10:41 am  

Good morning.
Thanks for giving information on my mentor,Susanne Wenger.
Could I use your Wenger picture on my blog on her work at
I am curious on how you got to talk to her.I understand she is quite reclusive.

john sullivan,  3:47 pm  

I just noticed Suzanne's obituary in the Telegraph last Thursday and may she rest in peace. I took my family to Oshogbo in 1985 - and have book - A life with the Gods - signed by her at the time. I found the art forms remarkable but found the book totally impenetrable at the time - and still do.

John Sullivan,  3:58 pm  

I noticed Suzanne's obituary in the Telegraph on Thursday and may she rest in peace. I remember taking my family to visit the shrine in Oshogbo, whilst we were living in Apapa at the time, and have a book signed by Suzanne - a life with the Gods - dated 2.2.85.
The sculptures were quite remarkable and demonstrated an incredible level of artistic energy, however I found the book completely inpenetrable - and still do!

ifastudent 2:29 pm  

thanks,john,for your memorable recollection.that book is great,just go slowly with it

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