Monday, May 14, 2007

Naija Bloggers meeting in Lagos

Toks-boy and I are organising a gathering of Nigerian bloggers in Lagos (venue/date tba).

All Naija bloggers (bloggers in Nigeria, Nigerian or otherwise) are invited to the first ever meeting of bloggers in Nigeria. This event will allow you to meet other bloggers, talk about your blog (if you wish), read some of your pieces (if you wish), or learn what the blogging craze is all about (there will be free tuition provided on setting up your blog).

Special guests - announced shortly.

Anonymity will be provided for those who wish to remain so. Those who wish to particpate vitually (via IM or webcam), please let us know.

Soft drinks and nibbles provided.

If you want to come, please email: (if you are an anonymous blogger, we will not reveal your identity)



IM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! But i want to be anonymous (i suppose that would be reallu hard wont it?)

Anonymous,  10:06 am  

this is great Jeremy and Toks boy. 36 inches, you can be anon about your blog identity. So that way no one will connect your 'real' self with your blog self.

twinstaiye 10:25 am  

Why not a meeting of identity bloggers who chose not remain anonymous on the net? That way the meeting will hit the target of why it was set up in the first place. If a blogger chose to remain anonymous, why should he/she attend knowing fully well he/she does not want his/her cover to be blown. Except of course the meeting is just for mere entertainment and not to achieve some decorum in naija blogging. Am taking this too far?

Jeremy 10:47 am  

But if people turn up and don't tell anyone their blogger name, how will there cover be blown? We certainly will not reveal the identities of those who email us to tell us they want to come.

Aaron Rowe 3:09 pm  

Ooh, I'd love to come, but I'm still stuck in Blighty... Maybe I can send a proxy.

Bitchy 3:23 pm  

I'll come!! But only if its in July, or early August.

anijawife 9:07 pm  

Would have love to be part of the show but iam a familiar face as you get to see me in the junk papers and definately people will put two and two together.Its a nice idea and you guys should have fun.

Bitchy 10:36 pm  

I thought I left a comment to this post already? Perhaps I didn't. Hmm... Well I'll defo come! So long as its in July or early August Xxx

Copido 2:27 am  

Sounds like fun. When and Where??
Keep it going Jeremy.

2plus2 8:03 pm  

Okay sounds nice will this take place in Abuja or Lagos.

The Pseudo-Independent 3:20 pm  

Please can you get in touch by email via my profile. I would like to make a donation. Thank you

Ubong Da 7:58 am  

Interesting I could just wear a Lagbaja mask and come hang around but then I would probably stand out. Na I would pass. My blog is too controversial for this meeting. If i was writing about everyday event yes I would have attended. You folks should have a nice time.

Mrs Somebody 10:53 am  

Bloggers are fun loving people.This sure sounds like a good idea.

Tayo 1:31 am  

Hey, whatever happened to this plan?

STB 3:16 pm  

hello, what happened to your plan of bloggers meeting. visit my blog at

Anonymous,  8:11 pm  

Yeah Its a great idea

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