Friday, May 04, 2007

The internet: hommage to Ivor Cutler

Don't you sometimes find the internet so limiting? I mean, why do we have to type www before everything? Why can't the sweaty geeks allow us addresses that begin xxx or zzz? I'd like to have more poetically variable URLs to chose from:

But why even must it be three letters? Why not:


I'm sure they'll think of this soon. Maybe when the internet goes five dimensional.


Moi...,  9:37 pm  

You've lost it Jeremy! But yeah you have a point.

catwalq 2:28 am  

I have refused to be stunned by how u think.
What were u thinking off b4 all these www thoughts crept into your head?

Patrice,  2:29 pm  

Well, you can replace the www with some other letter combination. Just set up a subdomain through the web host control panel.

KEMI,  12:53 am  

Jeremy, everything you've written here is wrong and false from top to bottom.

First of all, you can have any combination of letters instead of www.
Look at wikipedia for instance

2) Most of the time you don't have to type www anymore, (What version of IE/Mozilla are you using? Abi you are using netscape ni?). Just type or whatever and you'll get where you need to go.

3) The real limitation is with the choice of protocol, http, https, ftp, etc. If you don't type this, your browser will assume the default http.

The question you should be asking is why people use www at all, and the reason is this:

A server can have all sorts of information stored on it. Its just like any old computer. The www folder is created to specifically store webpages, that way if a site is directed to the IP address, it goes there without diverting through the IT managers porn collection presumably kept in the aptly named "XXX" folder you're clamouring for. This folder most likely will not have public access rights. If you type you will get one of those "you do not have access" messages.

Also, if people stick to conventions its easier to remember web addresses. It's hard enough trying to remember when something is .com or or .org without having xxx and yyy as well to worry about!
Also you need to let this "discombobulate" word go. IT IS NOT A REAL WORD.

יושה (Yosh) 10:28 am  

True, what Kemi said, esp. on 2). I use FireFox 2.x and I don't have to precede addresses with "www...", unless I just want to be specific with what I'm going for...usually I just type "Dummies" and it'd open the Dummies web site...

Anonymous,  11:20 pm  

One of my colleagues at work used to go out with Ivor Cutler. And Wendy and I went to one of his last performances.

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