Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Guardian's new website

The Guardian (UK) has finally upgraded its website. Not before time, you might say, with several UK papers having long since moved to the global standard wide-page, multiple-column, large image format (The Telegraph and The Times being the most notable, with the Washington Post and the New York Times being the best Stateside news sites). You have to hand it to the Guardian. First the Berliner, now the new site, next Guardian America, then the move to Kings Cross (which should itself be part of the process of redefining what a modern newspaper 'does').


Patrice,  1:06 pm  

Looks good, but the pages are fixed width and not fluid. This will upset readers who have their screen resolution set at (the once dominant, but still somewhat popular) 800 x 600 pixels as they will have to side-scroll to view the right sidebar. Let's see if the BBC site, which still caters to the lower resolution, follows suit.

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