Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As an antidote to those repulsed by my sudden lapse into vanity, here is adolescence at its worst. The excruciating hair, the skin like the surface of a malcontent planet, the sunglasses that don't work.

Would you want to be a parent of this?


Spook E 2:24 pm look a hot mess!

Lolita 3:23 pm  

You could have left this one alone!

Bitchy 3:36 pm  

you were a vain and kinda ugly. but we've all been there. lol!!

Fred 3:39 pm  

Perhaps your mom should have aborted, is that what you're asking, in other words? ;-)

Anonymous,  8:34 pm  

what a cutie! oh bless him

omohemi Benson 11:07 am  

lol. I have enjoyed looking at your pictures, the evolution of Jeremy.
We've all been like this at one point of adolescent life.

Anonymous,  10:46 pm  

I don't think you look as bad as people are saying on here. You look like any average teenage boy to me.

t 5:28 pm  

It's just a picture. You turned out alright, even convinced a hottie to marry you.
It's great to have the perspective of someone like you on the Country - you've seen more parts of it than I (though I still know it better, ha)

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