Friday, May 04, 2007

Looting Unlimited

Someone just sent me this. Quite a revealing portrait of a remarkable man and his family.


Akin 8:33 pm  

Is this the extended screenplay of the Nigerian Tycoon?

Even I find it almost impossible to believe that people could loot with impunity - but what do I know?

People have probably done worse than this and gotten away with it in Nigeria.

catwalq 2:37 am  

I am neither shocked nor suprised by the information.
If it is not the truth, I know that it will not be far from the truth.
When are we going to be brave enough to expose these people and when will the press be unbiased enough to air the news ehn? Me i don tire

Adesua,  4:57 am  

Hi Jeremy,

Some of the information on this site is sickening. I dont really believe it all as well.

I am not holding brief for the Igbinedion family or saying that they are saints. However, comments linking a respectable woman like Mrs Ify Ighodalo (wife of Asue Ighodalo) as one of the women having orgies with Michael Igbinedion is quite unacceptable.

Ify Ighodalo is up there with folks like Ndidi Nwuneli, Mo Abudu(one of your favourites)etc in terms of their honest contribution to Nigerian society as female entrepreneurs and their role in women empowerment. To liken her to a cheap woman sleeping for money despite the fact that she is married to an equally successful and wealthy lawyer is rather unfortunate.

It is a shame that Nigeria cannot celebrate its true female heroes.

Anonymous,  10:03 am  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous,  10:26 am  

Some of the stuff are slightly exaggerated, but many are true. I went to Uni with Michael and it is no big deal that he is into orgies. We use to call him Orgy Prince. He had two cars on campus: a Merc and Porche. he was a total twat, but also fun to hang out with. Most who were involved in his 'activities' were well brought up, expensively educated naija girls. We were away from home and having a ball.

To Adesua,

What has respectability got to do with anyone's sexual fantasy or desire? I have only recently moved back to Nigeria and you can't imagine the kind of people who are into orgies here. All your god-fearing, pillars of society are all it - men and women. I think if we as a society stop thinking it is such a big deal to have a rich and varied sexual life/fantasy then people who are into it will not be seen as freaks. However, the only problem I have with all the sexual excesses going on here is the undue number of under-aged young boys and girls who are coerced into it. I see no problem with two adults induging themselves in this way.

But thanks Jeremy for bringing this site to my attention. There needs to more sites like this dedicated to individual politicians.

Oyibo! 4:11 pm  

they have taken down the page! how frustrating. Anyone get any screen grabs?

Cee 9:41 pm  

They have taken the site down:( ...

Any word on how to still read what was on there?

Pseudo-Independence 9:48 pm  

See his moustache like that of a psychologically disturbed person

The guy needs belly tuck and I think all those who saw the photos would agree

Anonymous,  10:32 pm  

Many of the pages of the site have been copied here:

Patrice,  12:38 pm  

For those that did not get a chance to see the site before it was removed, do the following.

1. In the Google search box, type

A list of the site pages will be returned.

2. Click on the 'Cached' link (next to the page url) to any of the pages listed.

I don't know how long the pages will remain cached, so if you want a record of the content, save the pages.

Anonymous,  3:03 pm  

Now you know they have something to hide now and it is important people in the blogsphere spread the word about how to access the information.

Cee 6:21 pm  

True with the 'Cached' thing on goggle...

After getting off Jeremy's site yesterday ... I did just that and got the info...

Better yet search for the following and follow the "cached" links to read up on the gist

Hope this helps.

And Jeremy: Thanks for always keeping us aware :)

lola 5:59 pm  

This post is really passe but I could not help but comment.
I must start by saying I do not believe in orgies nor justify its place or purpose. However I was a bit shocked at the amount of venom expressed towards the celebrities, who engage in the act.
Afterall the Romans, who shaped our religion,language, culture and civilisation were known to regularly engage in orgies. I am not justifying the actions of these celebrities because as icons they should atleast try to be discrete especially considering the conservative nature of the Nigerian society towards these issues.Then again, Human Sexuality is normal and innate, some people choose to express it 'normally' and some choose the outright bizarre, I feel it is not in our place to judge but to remain grateful that we are 'normal' especially considering that every human being lodges a peculiar fantasy ...Everyman to thine ownself be true!

Anonymous,  1:54 am  

So what Ify no be woman,that she is affluence doesn't matter when there is money involved and with a good sex-buddy.And knowing Ify for how much she loves money(which woman doesn't)You never know what these crazy rich bastards do behind their high fenced buildins.You need to see them bring themselves to US,UK Italy just to mention but a few all in the name of business.Behind every smoke there is definitely a small fire.Case dismissed....Court!

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