Friday, May 11, 2007

This year's Egungun festival

``Oke ni Gbegbe
Oke ni Gbegbe
Iwo la fi se
Iwo la fi sagba Oje
Iwo la fi se``

The Egungun masquerade takes place at Iragbiji (Osun State) at the end of this month. Wikipedia tells me the town was founded by a hunter chasing a wild animal. When he finally caught and killed the animal, he sat down under a shady tree, and others joined him. Iragbiji means 'the town under a shady tree.'

The grand-finale, where Egungun performs at the Oba's market square (and is witnessed by thousands of viewers), takes place on May 29th. Click here for much more info on Egungun (courtesy of the Obatala Centre for Creative Arts). Its a good opportunity to hear Bata drumming (Sango's drums of thunder and lightening) in full effect. If you want to go, email [email protected] with your phone number. They will help sort out reasonable and comfortable accommodation during your stay in Iragbiji.


Bitchy 11:33 am  

Do you have deets for Oshun festival later in the summer? We should go!

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