Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Even more of a fashion victim

Step back to 1984. Here I am while on my French exchange in Liege with a 'flattop' hairstyle ('twas all the rage, honest). I was into the psychobilly look at the time. I listened to King Kurt and Spear of Destiny. A few days after this photo was taken, I tried to shave my hair off completely with a razor. I leant back on the sink in my French Exchange parents' bathroom, only for the thing to collapse into rubble and powder on the floor. Oh dear.

My exchange, Franck and I used to watch soft porn at 8.30pm every evening with his father. The French are like that.


Omodudu 1:13 pm  

Not bad really.

jadedjune 2:42 pm  

feeling very hot with yourself i see.......


Spook E 3:04 pm  

OMG Elvis is alive!

Confessions of a moody crab 4:56 pm  

OMG!!! You look like a git!

Patrice,  5:27 pm  

Where's Ralph and Potsie?

Sarah 5:45 pm  

I remember that incarnation of Jeremy very clearly. Apart from the very teenage French exchange experiences, I also suspect it was your influence which led me to see Spear of Destiny live at the Viccy Hall in Hanley around the same era.

Nigerian Woman in Norway 8:43 pm  

gosh i bet you never imagined you'd be living in nigeria.

life is full of surprises

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