Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Market women, Yaba


The Pseudo-Independent 10:56 pm  

thanks for the photos

ababoypart2 9:47 am  

Lovely collection of pictures....Nice.

Cheetarah 12:25 pm  

This is a brilliant shoot

יושה (Yosh) 1:45 pm  

Thanks for sharing...I have to pinch myself and my Osun buddy so we can do something like this...sometime soon

Anonymous,  6:09 pm  

Jeremy, I have been trying to email you this interesting link from the guardian at [email protected] - email doesnot exist

Your readers may be interested in this article that appeared in the Guardian on 30th May 2007. I had not heard of this gentleman nor of the story

David Oluwale

The brutal story of a Nigerian immigrant hounded to death by police in the 1960s still resonates today, writes Kester Aspden

Wednesday May 30, 2007
The Guardian




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