Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Cloud Appreciation Society

In searching for pictures of Chesil Beach (the title of Ian McEwan's latest novella as well as an interesting geological formation) I came across this lovely club - the Cloud Appreciation Society. There are some strikingly beautiful cloud images on the site (such as this one, taken in the Sierra Nevada in the US) as well as some funny cloud-a-likes. Why not look to the sky, and appreciate your local clouds today?

Click here to read the manifesto.


The independent monkeys 10:29 am  

I’ve been mulling on this and finally caught this high and I’m riding it hard. Whoo hooo!

Akin 11:24 am  

I live in Amsterdam, you only have to step out of a coffee shop and you would be in the clouds.

Cloud appreciation is more or less the pastime of drunken louts who have come over on cheap flights for the weekend.

That said, I have always been fascinated by clouds when I am in flight - I mean flying in a plane.

Fred 3:02 pm  

Jeremy Head-in-the-air.

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