Monday, May 21, 2007

By the Benue River, I sat down and wept

Even Governor's cry, as this article attests. What puzzles me is how a poor state like Adamawa can justify sending 5000 people to Jerusalem every year. That's a hefty transport bill. Someone should go and have a vision of Mary in Cross River State. It'll save a lot of money, reduce theologically-induced carbon footprints, generate internal tourism revenue and be just as authentic an experience as the home of all fakery, Jerusalem.

Anyone who goes to Jerusalem with a critical eye will quickly realise that all is not as it seems. There are two competing Golgothas; the place where the cross was supposed to be (in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) can only be a fake, given that the city 2000 years ago was 30 feet lower than it is today; ditto the Via Dolorosa, which is to the Truth what Disney is to Western philosophy.


Toks- Boy 10:15 am  

Jeremy. That's the spirit (pardon the pun). Just ease your readers into the week gently. Can't wait to read the comments on this one. Better ensure your comment moderation is up. You might also want to get some bodyguards.

Fred 3:54 pm  

What's a "governor's cry"?

This amounts to state-sponsored religion and that's always a bad idea.

I wouldn't go so far as to call Jerusalem the home of all fakery. I mean, there are better candidates, like Abuja.

t 5:12 pm  

don't . do . that .
i mean what do you want us to believe in?

MsMak,  5:14 pm  

Jeremy! Ha, sofly, sofly o! Just as you are entitled to you own opinions (especially on your own blog), so others have a right to their own spiritual beliefs.

Personally, i have never been to Jerusalem, so dont know whether or not it is fake. But i do know you werent there 2000 years ago either, and even scientific knowledge can be challenged.

The City of Jerusalem and or Mecca are not the ones who are forcing us to foolishly use government money to sponsor pilgrimage trips based on personal beliefs, while our roads remained untarred, our hospitals deathtraps, and our graduate unemployed. All so people can add Alhaji/Alhaja or JP to their long list of titles.

I really hope they'll stop this nonsense once and for all in the new dispensation. And Fred is right, how can you talk about fakery and skip the U.S. and Naija first? ;o)

The Pseudo-Independent 6:38 pm  

I believe MTV is a joke! # * $

Sorry but I just needed to add my own piece of clever fakery.

O.k. enough said!

Spook E 12:55 am  

It's not about authenticity. To me, the biblical sites in jerusalem wether real or fake are all symbols of christ's presence on earth. That he lived and died somewhere in Jerusalem is good enought reason for me to be there.

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