Friday, May 25, 2007

Journey to the source

Blogging will be sparse for the next few days - I'm on a journey to the heart of Yorubaland. More later..


twinstaiye 11:39 am  

Best of luck Jeremy, while at it, be careful of political tension in Oyo state.

Anonymous,  1:51 pm  
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Tayo 2:22 am  

Safe journey to and fro

Agaracha 3:27 pm  

Gonna miss u hon ....journey mercies and bring us lovely phoros !!!

omohemi Benson 11:41 am  

Have fun on your trip and bring us,plenty gist as usual.

eccentric nana 6:26 pm  

dear jeremy i would like to invite you to read my blog too. it was something you said about nigerians and homosexualism that got me started. i think you said hypocritical. ok hope to hear from you; bye

Naija Vixen 5:32 pm  

Safe journey oh...and be careful too.

BabaAlaye 8:38 am  

Weatabix, I hope the Yoruba Oracle didn't require a White Man's Skull?
Stay safe man.

Olu Oguibe,  11:02 am  

Dear Mr. Weate,
After reading your comments about my personal web site recently, I paid a visit to your blog and found it quite active and informative. Needless to say that I was somewhat surprised to find that it also contains a lot of information about you and the things you've done, down to crashing your father's car at 18. I would think that it is in the nature of personal journals (blogs) and web sites to contain such information, same as corporate web sites contain information about the firms that own them. That is why personal and corporate web sites were originally referred to as home pages, with every inflexion of that word "home" taken into account.
Why you felt pricked by information on my personal web site about things that I have done, some of it placed there in jest and the bulk of it quite insignificant compared to the wealth of scholarly and other information on the site, is intriguing to say the least. You do not suppose that the personal information on that site approximates my entire worth as an individual, I imagine.
There is a certain decency and generosity of spirit that is requisite as we traverse geographies and cultures, and one must be careful at all times to mind residues of a certain old mindset that all too often resurfaces when one least expects it.
I wish you all the best and hope to read more of your journals.

Blogger-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 11:43 am  

Oga Jeremi, Abi you sef don run comot with Dariye, Nnamani, Atiku et al? As blogger-general na me dey compile, no, comply, no, complile list for EFCC o...

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