Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Looting Unlimited is back up..

With a vengeance. There's more piccies (like the one to the left - in need of a tummy-tuck perhaps?) It has to be an insider-job with photos like this.


The Pseudo-Independent 12:53 pm  

tummy-tuck perhaps? jeremy you are too right. See him, he should be a housewife!

Anonymous,  1:17 pm  

Its still the same thing. It had these pictures the last time. Nothing new here. Most of the information is also rather exaggerated.

Bitchy 7:04 pm  

Pseudo - how dare you insult housewives thus?!

Anonymous,  12:13 am  

u sure say no be ur uncle u dey try protect

The Pseudo-Independent 10:39 am  

@bitchy - lol
sorry for being politically incorrect, can i say househusband? It will suit him.

daf,  1:13 pm  

I just hope the EFCC are keeping a 24 hour surveillance on him, may 29 is just around the corner.

The Pseudo-Independent 8:31 pm  

ok, Bitchy lets go see the musicals in your hot kitchen?

Mrs Somebody 11:15 pm  

yeah bitchy is so right on that...........pseudo!Apologise to all the housewives in blogsville!!! NOW!

Anonymous,  8:41 am  

Have you heard of Naija Bloggers - The Book? Check out http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/2007/05/17/nigeria-naija-bloggers-the-book/ for mor details.

9ja Opeke 5:00 pm  

Did it ever leave?

Pink-satin 6:14 pm  

lol...thats lucky igbinedioen innit?

The Pseudo-Independent 12:36 am  

Mrs Sombody!
I am presently saying it on my blog

Anonymous,  6:00 pm  

I have no problem with stealin £10 million and using the remaining £1billion to feed, educate, provide health care, build roads and housing for you r people!!

But in Nigeria it is the opposite, these animals glower down at their the sonsa of their ancestors and take food from the mouths of infants, God's will shall be done and on the day of judgement such creatures shall see what tasks await them for an eternity!

Apart form that...pink...how camp!!

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