Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's not about Wolfowitz

It's not about the fact that he pushed the US (and by default) the UK into a badly planned invastion into Iraq

It's not about the fact that he bulldozed through special treatment for his girlfriend at the Bank, when said institution is trying to get tough on corruption around the world

It's not about the fact that he swore and cussed his way in office

It's not about his odious habits with a comb

What it is about is the fact that the World Bank, which is tasked with development interventions around the developing world in the name of good governance and democracy, has its President chosen by the American Government.

Much more than one individual clinging on despite disgrace, the World Bank needs radical reform (as does the IMF, the WTO and the Security Council). In an interdependent, globalised world, with strong forces pushing open political frameworks, it makes no sense for these global institutions to act as closed shops, at the top, bottom or middle.


Confessions of a moody crab 3:05 am  

My final year dissertation was on Reform of the UN Security Council and outcome of implementing such reforms. What I've learnt from my dissertation is that international institutions are EXTREMELY difficult to reform(and the UN is the worst of them all!). I agree that the World Bank needs reform. However, that mighty, albeit extremely unjust, institution was built (almost literally) by the US, just like the UN. And as long as the US continues to be a hegemonic power, it will continue to act unilaterally in the affairs of these institutions. It is nothing but cocktail of realpolitiks and national interest, garnished with a little abit of bloody capitalism!

Abt Wolfowitz, there is more to it than meets the eye and believe me, he is not leaving solely for the special treatmet of his girlfriend in the throes of passion. He messed with the wrong person and he was blackmailed, just like other important figures that I've refused to name.

Cee 8:25 am  

"... World Bank, which is tasked with development interventions around the developing world in the name of good governance and democracy,..."

Now all I need for a good laugh is for someone to say that to me with conviction and a straight face ... :)

Anonymous,  9:39 am  

seen this?

'Blair in frame at World Bank'

The Pseudo-Independent 2:21 pm  

You may be correct. If it wasn't this then it perhaps could have been about the mediocrity the world cannot just afford. If you then garnish that with political leaders running these global institutions, we get a power Map that makes no sense. Less amazing work in narrow ranges.

I dont think Blair should even contemplate it.

catwalq 3:39 am  

I thought this was all about a girlfriend, illicit affair and promotion or was that the straw that broke the camel's back?

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