Friday, May 11, 2007


The flipside of Nigerians having their unique pronunciation of Grove is the widespread utter inability of British people to pronounce Nigerian names. Its something I can't fathom. Most British people will say o-ba-SAN-jo rather than o-BA-san-jo. This error doesn't just come from the understandable perspective of oyinbo who don't live in Nigeria and are just for whatever reason making reference to some aspect of the country. Expats here in Nigeria will say o-ba-SAN-jo. It just makes me think of lobster-pink flesh and handkerchiefs knotted on the head and Ambre Solaire factor 1 and a bit of Stanstead Airport and the pier at Southend-on-Sea with the smell of lard-fried chips. Ode.


The independent monkeys 11:01 am  

Ode? When someone says traditional, what do you think? - I mean seriously, no red herring.

Bitchy 11:32 am  

You Jeremy that you're talking you can't even say 'oyinbo' properly. You say oyínbo but its Òyìnbó. Lol!

ababoypart2 11:45 am  

lol....Next time I will pay more attention to how OBJ is pronounced on any foreign media outlet...

Anonymous,  4:06 pm  


Its not only British people who can not pronounce Nigerian names. Am East African and my Nigerian friends are always correcting my pronounciations of Nigerian names.

Spook E 8:45 pm  

I'm Nigerian and there are certain names from certain parts of the country that I generally don't pronounce properly. I bet if you asked Obasanjo to pronounce his full name in the tounge that it was intended, you'd be shocked at how even us Nigerians of onyibo-fied his name.

The independent monkeys 10:24 am  


can you tell us the flipside? I mean your Nigerian friends, how do they pronounce your name(s)?

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