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Anglican ban on polygamy in Nigeria

The Anglican leadership in Nigeria (specifically, the Extremely Very Mostest of the Most Highest Primate Reverend Peter Akinola) has taken a strong stance against polygamy. I wonder if the evangelical/pentacostal churches will follow suit? Also, I wonder what happens to the 2nd/3rd/4th etc wives of Nigerian Anglican men now? Perhaps someone should set up an ngo.

Article pasted below:

The Anglican Communion in Nigeria has banned polygamy among members of the church.

The ban was handed down by the Archbishop and Primate of the Church, Most Reverend Peter Akinola.

Worried by the proliferation of marriages in the church among polygamous members, Akinola wrote to all Anglican Communions in the country to desist from such practice, which he described as unscriptural.

According to him, the integrity of the Christian faith is far more important than the reputation of those who turn their backs on the word of God.

"Those of us who are in the forefront of the prophetic call for a return to Biblical truth, cannot close our eyes to the increasingly blatant disregard for the teaching of the Bible on family life.

"The observation will destroy our witness if not firmly addressed. We cannot claim to be a Bible-believing church and yet be selective in our obedience," he added.

Akinola stated emphatically that whosoever is involved in polygamous marriage, no matter how highly placed, must come under authority of the Bible.

He warned that any attempt to trivialise the Bible's teaching on monogamy as the ultimate standard for the Christian family "will make a mockery of whatever else we stand for.

"Sadly, sometimes, even our leadership has looked the other way on this matter."

The Anglican Communion Nigeria, during the crisis on whether to ordain gays (homosexuals) as preachers in the Anglican Communion overseas, stood against it.

Meanwhile, at its synod yesterday, the Lord Bishop of Lagos and Archbishop of Province of Lagos, Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Ephraim Ademowo, lamented the insecurity in the Niger Delta, saying that instead of using physical force, the Federal Government should employ the use of dialogue to resolve the issue.

He also stressed the need not to allow political thuggery, killings and lack of the fear of God to ruin the nation's political institutions and activities.

On the issue of collapsed of buildings in Lagos, Ademowo appealed to the state government to take pragmatic steps to curb the ugly trend, saying that all the adjacent property to the failed structures which are in a state of dilapidation and instability should be critically examined.
"Integrity test on buildings on Lagos Island, Ijora, Ebute-Metta, Bariga and other areas within the poor terrain locations, should be carried out to prevent further loss of lives.

"Government agencies in charge of physical planning and development permits should ensure that registered builders are carried along before granting approval to developers to avoid the use of substandard materials and shoddy construction work," he stated.

by Kazeem Ugbodaga

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Anonymous,  12:39 am  

Ban on polygamy? That is sad. Every man has the right to sample (officially) as many women as he wants. It is the right of every man to do that.

Nature intends it to be so. You know after a bout of mating between man and woman, a man will have a "recoil time" during which he is unable to ejaculate. However, if you bring a fresh female to him, he will be at FULL MAST right away, ready to ejaculate! Variety is the spice of life.

To all polygamous men, as long as you educate your kids, ja'ye ori e ojare!

Anonymous,  11:00 pm  

anonymous?- you can have sex with as many people as you want, but must you marry them?
thats the part i dont understand...

Controversial Anon,  1:31 pm  

who gives a shit what the Anglican Church (or indeed any other church) think, ban, or approve of?

Religion is the STUPIDEST aspect of humanity today, even worse, religion is the scale by which you can measure a persons 'non-intelligence'. And at the 'shit hole' of religion lies Christianity/Islam/Judaism. Absolutely digusting.

PINKY,  2:47 pm  

So controversial anon thinks religion is the scale to measure anyone's "non-intelligence"? Does he/she think that believing in a God automatically negates any substance of knowledge, wisdom, creativity and or reasonming that a person has? If you don't believe in something, you do not have the right to berate other people who do so. Yo cannot say you are more intelligent that somebody else simply because they have a belif system that you choose not to understand.

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