Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Nigerian Loronix?

I love Loronix, a music download site devoted to old school Brazilian music. The album covers are often supersaturated like the example to the left, reminding one of the brilliant light and colour in the film Black Orpheus. The music is gorgeous, slow sambas, Anton Jobim-style jazz etc.

When is a Nigerian version of Loronix going to be set up, so out-of-print classics and their album covers are not lost to the dust of eternity?


John B. 5:29 pm  

Well, I occasionally post some of this stuff on my blog, Likembe:

And so does Comb & Razor at:

But yes, a Nigerian Loronix is a great idea.

Andrew 11:19 am  

This sounds like a great idea. I'd be among the first to subscribe to something so amazing =)

Anonymous,  3:04 am  

I see you are a Loronix fan. Would you by any chance know a place on the web where I could download all the cover arts (in hi-res) ever uploaded on Loronix? My own collection got corrupted from a hard drive crash recently and the images on Loronix seem to have vanished... No real hope but I don't know where else to ask... Thanks! G.

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