Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lagos Calling: a fantasy anthropological study of African skinhead fashion from the early seventies

Here. Thanks YO for the link.


Anengiyefa 3:48 pm  

This looks very contemporary to me..

Anonymous,  2:00 pm  

well its prob from the 70's, one bit of film clearly says '72. however, it should read "Lagos Calling- a fashion shoot from the 70s". Anthopological study? ahem..right

Anonymous,  3:55 pm  

Nah, it's antique film but a recent shoot.

Anonymous,  3:12 pm  

Fantasy anthopological study circa early 70s??????

for heavens sake this is so obviously just one styled photo shoot...
The look? firmly 80's circa culture club but shot yesterday

Nice styling...

Chanteuse,  4:58 am  

I was just watching Gnarls Barkley's "Going On" video and I remembered this post. These photos are fierce and so is the video.

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